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WAKA Live – Week 8

April 29, 2009


With the last week of games (no really, it is Week 8 now..) upon us, the excitement and unpredictability continues. The past few games have been full of mayhem and debauchery.. and Game 7 was nothing short of it: Lots of Jell-O Shots, stylish and crazy hats. Wins, upsets and the first “F-word” of the season.. Just what will our last game bring?!? My vote for the battle to watch: Walk OF vs Shame!! The ol’ name game! With bragging rights included..



Good afternoon everyone!!! Good games last week–hopefully everyone enjoyed their time out at the fields and the bar. I have a quick topic I need to touch down on before anything else. PLEASE (trying to be nice here) DO NOT bring any outside drinks into Jovitas… It breaks all sorts of rules including the one set by the government, called THE LAW. So, no beers from the fields, those large ass cups with Gatorade and vodka (he is actually innocent, but a good example nonetheless) or even the great Jello shots we provide each week. Drink their beer, their mixed drinks, their shots and we will all be happy and Cameron and I won’t hear shit about it…cool? Good to hear.

Second on this weeks agenda, MIDSEASON PARTY!!! Many of yall may have got the Facebook message about it. To clear up any confusion, it is THIS SUNDAY, May 3rd. It will be from 2-6pm at Gillis Park. From 2-3:30 we will play pick up games, play flip cup, and all those fun things. If you have a friend that is wanting to see what WAKA is all about, bring them on out to the festivities. From about 3:30 to 5:00 we will have the First Annual WAKA Austin Home Run Derby. We will have lines drawn for a homerun and welcome anyone to give it a role. We will go over the specifics at the field that day. If you want to participate, please come out by 3:30 to get registered. At 5:00, or when that is over, we will have smoked chicken, brisket, burgers, veggies….really anything that can go on a smoker. If there is something specific you want to eat, bring it to me at the fields that day and I will throw it on. I will either be able to smoke it or cook it actually over a flame. Your choice.

Also, last week I know we had a situation that wasn’t pleasant for many about jerseys and unregistered players. Please refer to the rulebook about eligible players. We all want you to have fun, but please respect the rules. We have given everyone a jersey, so from now on ANYONE playing in the games, MUST have a WAKA jersey on for that team. And the same will go for the rest of the seasons from here on out. Anyone without a jersey cannot play. Sorry to be like this, but last weeks events solidified the need to follow the rules. Email me if you have any questions.

Alright, that’s it. See yall thursday and see yall out there Sunday for some fun, drinks, and more fun. Take care yall and we’ll see yall soon.




WAKA Shame vs  FUPAs: WAKA was a no show so we pitted FUPAs against Sex and the City. Sex pulled that one out (there is a joke in there somewhere) but the point on this one will go to FUPAs.

Dunder  vs   Sex in the City: Happy Birthday Elish!!! Dunder was a no show so Sex and the City gets this one on the forfeit.

Forfeiters vs Kids in Rehab: You are both boring. Come to the bar!

Sweat N Balls vs “Killers of Shame” – Dre + 4 Cereal Killers = Sweat n Balls scores again!! Racking up the points kiddos

YLLINAD vs  Sugarlumps: A little controversy on this one. YLLINAD actually won, but not with their full team. Because I can, both teams get points.

Cereal Killers vs Balls Deep – (even w/o the Jen trifecta AND with Cameron!!): Cereal Killers is back in the hunt. And props to Cam for playing with Guinness. That is gross.

Relax vs El Chupacabra: El Chu with the win!! I left early but was told that a little impromptu King of the Hill broke out and the last standing three were from this match up. Congrats to Scott and thanks to Kia for helping my lovely associate Jen!

Balls Toward vs Red Rockets: Red Rockets get the point on this one…. Sweet.

~ Danielle



(Get ready for a variety of jello flavors this week!!)

Thank you, thank you!!! I can not tell you enough how great you all are and how important your help is for the kids here in Austin. We are closing in on our goal and I am confident that between this week and the mid-season party, we can make it to $500. Please come ready for jello on Thursday (Creamsicle will be back due to popular demand along with a few new flavors!) and someone please beat Joey at the Home Run Derby on Sunday.  Also looking to set up a little beer pong tournament towards the end of the season. Stay tuned for details!

~ Danielle


Basic RGB

Seismic changes this week.  Relax’s chicanery saddles them with their first non-victory of the year.  How much will it hurt them in the standings?  And are Sugarlumps the new You Look Like I Need a Drink after beating them and stopping their roll?

1. Walk of Shame. “Now they’re the Hunted, not the Hunter”  “Steady and ready.  Defense!”

2. Red Rockets. “Wear your REAL shirts already.”  “Some teams have 12th men, they have 12th dogs.”

3. Freebasers. “Speed demons.”  “Made it by in a scary game.”

4. El Chupacabra. “The chupacabra has balls, who knew?”  “They’re going to go as far as their pitcher carries them.”

5. Balls Deep. “I’ve done that before.”  “Stout, stout defense and just enough offense.”

6. Relax and Let it Happen. “Lord oh Mighty.”  “If a big ass tree falls in the middle of the forest and no one is around, does it still make the sound of a forfeit?”

7. WAKA Shame. “Will dominate in the playoffs, no second guessing.”  “I have no idea what to make of this team.  I could see them making the finals, I could see them losing in the 1st round.”

8. Cereal Killers. “What kind of cereal would Obama be?”  “Where did the offense go?  Two runs the last two weeks?”

9. Sugar Lumps. “Two wins in a row, what ho?” “Save it for the playoffs, don’t blow your wad too early.”

10. You Look Like I Need a Drink. “Growing on me…”  “How are they going to rally after the letdown?”

11. Balls Toward the Wall. “Put up a good fight with 9 players against 32.”  “Savvy veterans, they’re going to be a tough out.”

12. Dunder ResERECTION. “They won but nobody heard ‘DUNDER!!!’ 97 times.”  “I want to marry their first basewoman.”

13. Kids in Rehab. “Maybe they haven’t recovered from rehab?”  “Dunder better bring their A+ game.”

14. FUPA’s. “Giving up that many runs takes some serious skills or lots of Tecate.”  “Still the best looking purple team out there.”

15. Sweat n’ Balls. “Is a ghost runner at home legal?”  “At least they have that whole ‘defense’ thing figured out.”

16. Sex and the City. “I dream of a day when all our sex dreams come true.”


Drum roll please… Here are the standings coming into the final game of the regular season:


I ain't too proud!
Waks win, walks win… yada yada yada. Same thing, different week. Good game. This team had defense though, and if they can just put some runs on the board, they might scare somebody come playoffs. My apologies to almost killing a woman when leaping over her. What doesn’t kill you only scars you for life, right? Another issue, the scoreboard will show that Walk of Shame lost to this team of imbecils, but thats not true. We won that game 3-1. We recruited honoraray Walk of Shame members for the night from Cereal Killers to act as part of the team. We destroyed you, and you get a forfeit victory. Terrible.
This weeks MVP doesn’t exist. Total team effort. And I love it. Keep bringin’ it! This is solid. Rock solid. And speaking of Rock….
Finally, finally, and finally we get our opportunity to settle this name dispute. This will be a beatdown of epic proportions. And Waka Shame…. You. Will. Lose. I have talked to a few of you on this team, and you guys are all nice. I like you guys a lot. But, I just want you guys to understand that your name klepto of a captain has wrote a check that his ass can’t cash. Also, we will defend the honor of our comrades, Kids in Rehab, who were defeated by these goons earlier in the season. Hip Hip for the real, and the original Walk of Shame!! Hip Hip for the real Texas Live division!!
Apologies to Howard Dean…


Relax and Let It Happen

(Mark’s write-up has been forfeited due to using words ineligible for WAKA.)


Red Rockets


Someone told me the other day that they are training for a marathon and I told them that I play kickball – a real sport, I’m not trying to be the best at exercising.

Did anyone else notice that Lois wasn’t there last Thursday? I know she is on vacation but I could have sworn I could still hear her yelling DUNDER from several states away.

Balls Toward the Wall is a cool team and it was a close game but the Red Rockets pulled off the W.  Coach Jay came off the injured reserve list for his first whack at a kickball.

Jay got peed on by Winnie the wiener dog as she was trying to lose some weight for the wiener dog races last weekend.  Also, Harley the Great slipped out of her collar and ran crazy on the field in the third which made for a much needed beer break.  Some ladies were also popping a squat behind the trees, maybe because the toilet was overflowing.

By the way, since everyone is still very confused on which field is “tree” and “power”, I move to rename the field’s “parking lot” and “overflowing toilet”.

The Red Rockets are ready for the playoffs!



It happened again. We played another game without bunting. Although this time around we didn’t agree to it, but were rather conned into going buntless by a persuasive young lady with a cool hat. She had a perfectly logical reason for determining the style of the game, so we couldn’t argue. Despite our morbid addictions, Freebasers are quite logical folk. Anyway, we still won the game 2-1 despite some great play from our opponents, who apparently deemed it magic hat day. Once again, a good stash of our team was lost somewhere between Hamsterdam and a pawn shop, but we still played valiantly without a full field of fiends. Courtney wins basehead of the game honors with stout defense at first base and a hilariously unnecessary tag of an oncoming runner. Looking forward to another fun week feeding the kicball addiction. Who got the lighta”!



We beat ourselves..  And so did Relax. Disappointing anyway you slice it.

If I may, though, get just one jab in:  Relax proved to be the kids when you were young that played Operation and touched their fingers to the board to balance the otherwise buzzing tweezer.

I keed. All in good fun. We would like to play yall again sometime.. Great job to our Chupa players for taking the W in flipcup! And to Scott and I taking the King of the Hill battle down to represent Chupa! You were on fire, boy!

Best of luck to everyone in this last week and the playoffs!


WAKA Shame Bunt Pirates


We won, we won, we won…sorry to rub it in, but it felt like months since we had one a game…Maybe it had been?  Anywho, great playing by everyone and glad to see some confidence back on the field. I would like to personally thank the ladies on my team for always being good sports and always coming out there with their game faces. For now, everyone bow their head, and thank the Lord for Andre talking shit and losing this Thursday…It was very sweet of him. So, see yall out there and Andre, prepare yourselves.


You Look Like I Need A Drink


We played Sugar Lumps.  We lost.  We are sad.

On to flip cup:

WE ONLY BROUGHT TWO DUDES TO THE BAR.  Adam, our soon to be bearded again friend, decided he would help us in our endeavor to revenge our misery.  There are now three of us ready for flip cup.

Maybe somewhere in the world of reading things no one else thought to… way deep in the catacombs of “why would you waste time with this?”… there might be some mention of needing a full team of 5 to officially compete in flip cup…. BUT I am here to refute this.

Specific mention was made as to “is this official?”  I, our fearless captain, knew the correct response was “of course!  we play for keeps!!”  I repeated this over and over until I was certain we were on for a match I could be proud of.

Three –vs- Five.  Lets do this thing, right?  Ok.  We win.  In four games.  It was glorious.  Too much beer.  So much fun.  And I’m happy.  Kids now have hope that they, too, can accomplish the impossible.  I’m pretty sure someone cured AIDS because they felt so inspired.

But wait?  What is this?  A ruling?  A complaint.  Sugar says no dice.  Didn’t count.  YLLINAD loses.   Maybe that’s how it just has to be.  You can apologize to the kids now, Sugar, because I’m not gonna.



Cereal Killers

Augie Garrido talks about winning each inning of a game.  We did that Thursday, we won the first four innings.  But we lost the 5th inning and the game.  Augie Garrido is full of sh!t.  This week I’m going to try some things from other great managers.  Dusty Baker has his toothpick, Jim Leyland smokes a pack a day, Lou Pinella throws bases and kicks dirt.  So look for me with a cigarette in one side of my mouth, a toothpick in the other and duck cause I’m going to be chucking bases left and right.

On a positive note, this week we spotted our opponent a 2-0 lead at the Flip Cup table and we came chugging back to win 3-2.  That’s for Jenn and Vivek who were out last week.  Even without our 4-5 drinkers, the heart of the order, we still rolled.  THAT’s the mark of a champion.

**Editor’s note:  Cameron, I challenge you to go for the Phillip Wellman strategy:




Dunder ResERECTION and Sex and the City played a fun, competitive, bunt-filled game.  Mendoza drove Brooke home for the game-winning RBI in the bottom of the fifth.  Too many exciting defensive plays by the Dunders to recount here.  Mad props to Kristen for playing injured and Ryan for helping with lineup. It was nice to see Star show up and cheerlead. I think we forfeited flip cup.

Dunder ResERECTION Draft Analysis:

Eddie has very good upside. He has a very strong arm, good size and adequate height. In other words, the sky’s the limit for Eddie. Our concern is that he lacks elite intangibles. This is problematic when you look at the situation in Dunder. The best-case scenario is Eddie winds up as the Dunders’ franchise left fielder for years to come. In order for that to happen, however, the Dunders need to bring him along slowly and that’s going to prove difficult. If they rush him, the Dunders risk losing out on their investment.

Ryan has the quick first step and the athleticism to be extremely effective catching the ball in the outfield. He also displays great balance along with strong closing burst when in pursuit from the backside. One of the concerns we have about him includes his being light in the hips, which may cause him to struggle when caught in phone-booth situations with bigger bunters.

We place a high value on competitiveness when we evaluate kickballers and Gerald is clearly the most determined base-runner in this class. He runs with an attitude and can run over or make defenders miss when he gets into the open field. Although Gerald ran a disappointing 40 time (4.62) at the combine he has outstanding quickness and he reaches his top-end speed in a flash.

Kristen‘s greatest strength is her ability to defend the bunt. She locates the ball quickly, is strong enough to set the edge and she is a big kicker who makes good contact. There’s also a lot to like about her range and motor.

Ben displays great strength and comes from a wrestling background, which allows him to play with great balance. He also possesses the necessary ability to sink his hips and reset his feet when going up against bigger pitchers, and he shows excellent hand use.

Brooke possesses rare and dynamic open-field capabilities. She runs with a low center of gravity, which allows her to get in and out of her cuts effortlessly. She also shows an elite burst and has the acceleration to take it the distance. Although Brooke will need some tweaking with her base-running her overall athleticism is too much to pass up at this point.

Felipe is the best pure shortstop in his class. He’s fluid changing directions, shows great burst coming out of his cuts and is fast enough to run down base-runners. Felipe is more than a one-dimensional player, too. He’s a playmaker and can defend the bunt when he puts his mind to it. So why didn’t he come off the board earlier? There are questions about his work ethic and teams were likely wondering if he would to play to his ability.

Tim gained 14 pounds between the combine and his pro day and that is reason for concern. However, we still believe he has the ability to make an immediate contribution. He doesn’t have great initial quickness, but he shows good footwork getting in and out of his breaks, and he isn’t going to get pushed around by bunters. Tim also flashes fly-trap hands and the ability to make spectacular catches. His catch during last season’s playoffs was one of the year’s most impressive.

Mendoza has a nice blend of size, hands and better-than-expected top-end speed. Although he’s a bit raw in his base-running, Mendoza has the potential to develop into the big-play kicker the Dunders desperately need.

Although Julie plays with a mean streak she lacks ideal lower-body strength, so she has some problems holding up when teams bunt at her when she’s lined up on the inside. She also has the quickness and motor to get to first base on occasion.


Kids in Rehab



So close but no cigar…Kids lose 2-1.

So same story, different team.  We were able to negotiate no bunting to this bunt away team.  How is that possible when told it’s unlikely they’d go for it?  Paper, Rock, Scissors!!!  Best way to determine, how it’d go down.

We had a different tactic this time as well as our entire 16 person squad.  We had a theme, hat theme that is and we had a bottle of vodka that was empty way before the game even started. So what do we do after that???  Derek buys like 30 jello shots!  Thanks for supporting your Kids and the kids in need of shoes!!!!  Hats off to Jon “Speedy Gonzalez” Wagner – not only did he wear the giant Sombrero, he played in it AND almost scored a run!

Regardless, from shiny ears, bada$$ fadoras, cowboy hats, caps and rooster pimp hats, fun was had by the Kids even baby, Maria still roots for us.



Game 8’s


–Thursday, April 30th–

Tree:  Cereal Killers v. Balls Toward the Wall
Power:  Balls Deep v. El Chupacabra

Tree:  Relax and Let it Happen v. Red Rockets
Power:  Kids in Rehab v. Dunder ResERECTION

Tree:  Walk of Shame v. WAKA Shame
Power:  FUPA’s v. Sex in the City

Tree:  You Look Like I Need a Drink v. Freebasers
Power:  Sugarlumps v. Sweat n’ Balls


Here’s a look ahead at what’s next!!!

Mid-Season Sunday Funday………….. May 3rdPlay-offs………………………….May 7th and 14th

Texas Tourney…………………………….May 30th

Scavenger Hunt……………………………June 6th

Pick-up Game for Summer…………….June 11th

Summer season starts…………………. June 18th

See everyone on the fields!!

...and there's more where this came from!

...and there's more where this came from!


WAKA Live – Week 7, but actually 3.. is anyone counting anyway??

April 22, 2009
they're with lusto :)

they're with lusto 🙂


yes, he's back

yes, he's back


Good to see packed fields and what I heard, a great bar turnout. Thanks, as usual, for everyone coming out, having fun and playing your favorite sport (choose from kickball or flip cup). I had to go to a friends bachelor party and had to miss out on the bar, but an insider said it was “debauchery at its best…” Thats what I like to hear. I even got word that we had an individual retaste the beer he had engulfed in the previous flip cup games. I look forward to reading his (Relax’s) write up for the week. They may hold their own on the field, but look to be having trouble holding their own at the bar. Pick up the slack Mr. Meroney.

Also, we have two people joining the league Board; Grant from You Look Like I Need a Drink and Alana from Sweat N Balls. Welcome them with open arms, legs, or just give them a kiss. Either way, welcome guys and look forward to working with you.

On a similar note, we are also looking for another prospective President of the league. No, I am not stepping down as President, but next season will look a little different than this one. Between returning teams and new teams, we are going to surpass the WAKA limit for the amount of teams in a single league. Due to that, we are splitting the league into two divisions. Cameron will still overlook both leagues as a whole and I will be running the “Capital” division, but what we are looking for is a President to take over the current “Live” division.

If you are interested in getting involved come find me or Cameron at the fields and we can set up a time to meet up and “interview” you. Don’t worry you don’t have to of been a CEO or on the Board of a Fortune 500 company, just a have high school diploma (or GED if that’s your style), a good/motivated attitude and a love for the great sport of kickball. Cameron and I look forward to hearing from some of yall.

I have officially typed way too much and need a nap. With that said, I hope you had a wonderful week/weekend and look forward to seeing all your pretty faces out there this thursday. Yall take care now and have a good’n.

Rock, Out


Flip Cup People,

First of all, awesome showing at the bar! I think almost every team was there and ready to party. You guys are way fun and I heart you all. One little administrative note… Please coordinate amongst yourselves to find out if the team that you played is at the bar and if they are going to play flip cup. I will also try and figure it out, but when I am doing that, it stalls the games and everything gets all bogged down. Thank you in advance for your help!


Relax vs Kids in Rehab: Relax wins. For those of your fortunate enough to have missed it, please give Meroney a high five for being the first one to actually projectile vomit during a flip cup game. I am absolutely horrified still.

Balls Deep vs Walk of Shame : Walk OF Shame takes this one. Way to show up and come out strong. I like it.

Cereal Killers vs Red Rockets : Red Rockets wins this match up. This one is my bad, I started the game before the full Jen trifecta was ready. Next week I will have my shit together.

FUPA vs You Look Like I Need a Drink : YLLINAD takes another one. This is an avid group of alcoholics and I never cease to be impressed.

WAKA vs Sugarlumps : Sugarlumps both on the field and in Flip Cup. Time to get it together WAKA!!

Sweat N Balls vs Sex in the City : Sweat n Balls in a very rowdy (read, loud) way.

El Chupacabra
vs Freebasers : El Chu takes this one on a no show from Freebasers. I give Freebasers a lot of crap because you never participate, but thank you to Mark and to our new friend in the striped headband for helping to ref at the fields. That was nice.

Dunder vs Balls Toward the Wall : Balls to the wall…. My lovely assistant Jen reffed this one as it is hockey playoffs… WTF Elicious, what happened here?!

Thanks again for your enthusiasm… Season is winding down and the race is on to lock in the seeds for the tournament. Also, please keep your eyes and ears open for information on our mid-season party… Details coming soon.




Sooo, it looked really cloudy and gross on Thursday and we were pretty sure kickball was going to be rained out. We made no jello shots. EPIC party fail and we are sorry! This week we will be in full force and it looks like there will be a variety of flavors/liquors to choose from. Find us at the fields with your dolla dolla bills!

yes this is actually pudding, but you get the drift!

~ Danielle

Basic RGB

Yawn, Relax wins again.  Maybe we need to think out of the box.  What about spiking their drinks?  Going all Nancy Kerrigan and clubbing their knees?  I digress…  WAKA Shame continues their race to the bottom and YLLINAD is rising just as fast.

1. Relax and Let it Happen. “Best ever?”  [Juggernaut and Team America and Betty Fords might have something to say]  “Someone stop them please!”
2. Walk of Shame. “Someone needs to make them take that walk.”  “Two in the 5th to tie and baiting the other team into a rundown in the 7th.  Man’s game.”
3. Freebasers. “Young rookies with speed, no pun intended.”  “Smoked a good Chupacabra team.  Wonder if they got high off that?”
4. Red Rockets. “They made cereal soggy.”  “Inconsistency is worrisome.”
5. You Look Like I Need a Drink. “Freebasers, Red Rockets, FUPA’s.  That’s some good skins on the wall.”  “You Look Like you’re playing better.”
6. Cereal Killers. “Stalking their next victim, close your blinds.”  “Would probably do better in a ‘bowl’ system than a playoff.”
7. El Chupacabra. “Way to turn a season around.”  “That was a clinic about how NOT to play kickball.  Hope they got it all out of their system.”
8. Balls Toward the Wall. “Jonah is hot.”  “Should recruit a team of 100% lefties.”
9. Balls Deep. “Dominated for 4.5 innings.” “That defense is stout, but you can’t win every game by one run.”
10. Kids in Rehab. “Great job holding Relax down, better than anyone else so far.”  “Dube is hot.”
11. Sugar Lumps. “My Lumps, my lumps, my lovely Sugar Lumps.”  “Last week was nuts, can they make it two straight?”
12. Dunder ResERECTION. “They need a resurrection after that one.”  “For such a LOUD team, they went down awfully quietly.”
13. Sweat n Balls. “Maybe they just really love sex?”  “Say what you want, but a win is a win.”
14. FUPA’s. “No core work can rid them of their fupas.”  “If they only played four innings a game they’d have a great record.”
15. WAKA Shame. “Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.”  “They wear their last name well.”
16. Sex and the City. “Sex and Balls don’t mix.”  “Hopefully they are better at their name sake than kickball.”





Relax and Let It Happen


Hey Minnie, I guess three fingers works right?  As in the three runs we put on your dome last night.  Wasn’t this supposed to be a tough game?  After negotiating a no bunts game, we played what has to be the shortest, least exciting kickball game ever.  I believe our opposition had one baserunner.  I’d like to suggest reducing the amount of players a defense can field to nine if there is no bunting because I don’t want to bat in the first inning, then tie my shoes and pee in the woods and all the sudden it is the bottom of the fourth.  Jay was diabolical from the mound apparently with the aforementioned Kids in Rehab offense (or lack thereof).  Joey also launched another satellite that they were prepared for, kudos to your scouting department that we have the big guy who kicks it 75 feet farther than anyone else has ever contemplated.  We got some runs from the top of our lineup and Chris finally got pegged on one of his infamous baserunning displays.

Now for the funny part.  As has been a nagging trend, our girls all collectively opted out of Jovita’s.  To be honest, none of us wanted to play flip cup that bad either except for Jay whose enthusiasm was palpable.  So much so he bought our team Dos Equis to drink while playing flip cup.  This was after everyone but Jay just put down a full meal from Jovita’s (I recommend the food by the way, keep that in mind…).  Well I was full about to my esophagus but no excuses play, like a champion so I played some flip cup.  We rolled early but after watching Ty choke in the 3rd game I made the executive decision that I was going to need to clear some space.  At this point I vomited gratuitously in front of a crowd.  Punk or be punked.  After some extreme laughter and I’m sure varying levels of nausea from our opponents, we took the 4th game of our series and sealed the victory.  You could even say the puking was a gamesmanship tactic, as I doubt they were thinking of anything but how gross what I just did was.  Sometimes you just have to go that extra mile for your teammates…




Thankfully the rain gods got stuck in traffic long enough for us get our kickball fix for the week. Despite only 10 Freebasers showing up (the rest of the fiends must have passed out in a dark alley somewhere, or got lost trying to pawn some copper wire) we still played an outstanding game! Probably the best all around session of the season so far. Everyone stepped up when it mattered most.

Props to Darron for some clutch city kicking and sticky-finger handiwork at first base. Respect to Brandon for his hustle and hip red lifeguard shorts from high school. Much love to Lauren for her hot pink-striped knee-highs. And thanks to Katie Neal for deciding to get out of bed and show up to the game. Everyone else, you’re cool too.

With the playoffs upon us, all we can say is the rest of y’all better watch your backs. Because there’s nothing more dangerous than a bunch of Freebasers with nothing to lose! Who got the lighta’!



I ain't too proud!

Ya know, one day most all of you will look back and say, I was somewhere else when Walk of Shame defeated Balls Deep. Some of you at Jovita’s. Others of you at the other field, watching two other boring teams play a boring game (looking at you Relax and Rehab). And for that, your lives will forever be incomplete. Oh well. The other 22 of us will always have the memories.

  • A GIRL kicking the ball over Kia’s head.
  • Watching Kia run under the ball as it sailed over his head.
  • Throwing some fool out at the plate thinking he had a home run.
  • Coming back in bottom of the 5th from two runs down to take it to extra innings.
  • Miya’s shoestring catch at thirdbase!

And no one will ever forget Jorge’s crazy play. He rounds 1st base and getting caught in a rundown, creating a diversion so Mizzy could score at home behind the teams back and take the game in the bottom of the 7th inning. At the end of the day, Walks win.

Chest bump!!


Co-MVP’s of the Millenium: Jorge and Mizzy. These two will forever go down as legends in the Walk of Shame franchise.
Honorable Mention: Miya. What a catch. You’re on the verge of being a superstar, and nobody even knows it yet

Then we got our swagger back in flip cup, 3-0. I think the next step is to finally settle the score with the team who had the cult meeting after our game, Balls Toward the Wall. And I’ll sweeten the pot. If you guys beat us, ill buy your whole team a round. What do ya say?

This weeks game should be very loud… We play Sweat n Balls. Early prediction…. Walks win 8-1.

Holler if you hear me,



Kids in Rehab


We played very well last night.  3-0 to the 2 time defending CAPITAL champs is very impressive.  There were great plays on both teams.  We had 2 base runners all night (Jon and Will).  Our defense was solid.  Kim made a great catch and double play.   Steve took a catch in right center that slapped him in the face. Zach had an awesome catch that prevented a sure homerun.  Jon threw the guy out  just a few steps from home plate that thought he could turn a single into a homerun.   Relax also won the close match in flip cup but at least our team member didn’t puke what looked like oatmeal then put a plant to cover it up.  Ew…

Basically it’s like comparing apples to oranges.  If the Celtics played the Tar Heels, you would expect the Celtics to win since they are NBA champs and Tar Heels are NCAA champs. Or if the Gators played the Steelers same outcome!!   Well that is what we had last night when KIR (4 time LIVE champ) went up against Relax and Let it Happen (2 time Capital champ).  They were expected to win and did win. Congratulasians on your victory.  LIVE and CAPITAL were separate for a reason and once that happens again we will be back where we belong.

We’ve gone around Austin, TX and have a signed petition to bring back the real LIVE!




I’m a little late writing this so feel free to skim over my less than witty banter.  We played Fupa.  We had fun.  This I know.

It was the battle of defenses out there as we were 0-0 going into the top of the 5th.  Some mentions before I get into the glory of this inning include:

  • Krystel getting on base.  Not sure how it happened, but my heart was glad.
  • We stuck by our guns and all got thoroughly intoxicated.  Except for a few losers who don’t really matter in the long run always… because they’re losers.
  • Greg didn’t show up again.  That guy is the Enigma for so many reasons.  Be weary of him if you meet him.
  • Our girls rule.  Not sure what they did to deserve that, but I think they rule.

End of Flashback… Stupid Acid trip… Always messes up my gmot write-ups..

So it’s the top of the 5th.  Our fearless captain steps up to the plate and he looks really really sexy.  I… I mean “he” gets on base, probably by some fuddle… who knows.  Adam’s up next, another on base.. I slid for no apparent reason but have a cool pic to prove how manly I am.  Im sorry but I dont know who else got on base.  We scored four runs.  Stellar defense kept them to 1 run in the the bottom of the 5th and YLLINAD is on a killer streak.

(really grant? its like a papercut compared to kate's..)

(really grant? its like a papercut compared to kate's..)

Bar… Flip Cup… One and done… Thanks to the fupas for being both fun and reminding me of the grossest party of anaotamy I can possibly think of.



Cereal Killers


WTF?  In the 1st inning, we had the bases loaded, no outs, and managed one run.  Then we had them two outs, nobody on base, and they rallied two separate times and scored.  Suddenly we’re dead, 4-1.  I still don’t know how it happened, and then we threw up in our own mouths at Flip Cup, gave away a 2-0 lead.  We tried to figure out what happened, but other than channeling our inner Chicago Cubs we got nothing.

Hats off to Pugs, scoring on his birthday.  That’s two straight weeks now, we just get folks lucky on their special days.  Jenn and Vivek rocked out the offense, both perfect.

We have things straightened out this week.  I’ve instituted a vigorous training program involving different cups, different beers and multiple repetitions.  We’re going to have to win two Flip Cup matches on Thursday to make up for it.  We’re going to make the other team’s livers cry.  We’re going to redeem ourselves and stand up on the table and shout…  Wait, there’s a kickball game too?  Screw it, we’ll figure that out as we go.



What. A. Game.

Happy birthday again to our old men, Adam & Lusto.. Lusto didn’t play and I’d bet that Adam doesn’t remember. Although a terrible loss and slap of reality on our steady climb up the ladder, we had a blast. Especially those that started the party early with us, good times! Games of washers and grilling out followed by tequila shots.. Ahh,  a winning combination… if we won the game. Maybe it was all that distracting Freebaser talk of “grab the foil, you’re up to kick” and “lighta’ ” nonsense… Hey bet ya can’t guess who won flipcup??

Also this week, happy early birthday to Ryan and Dos, and by Dos I mean Drew Holst. Drew Holst. Drew Holst. (Look! Your name made it in here THREE times! Big man on campus you..)

This week, the time has come. We take on Relax. (GASP!) The kickball Gods can’t postpone this one any longer. I’d like to challenge my team to grab this game by the balls and win that bottle of whiskey. There has been no one yet.

relax, we're rabid and on the loose

relax, we're rabid and on the loose



It was just splendid(!) ending the evening with a big 6-0 win, followed by killing the jug of Sangria. Personally, I think Dunder was blown away by Joe’s mad base running skills. Our team captain made several strategic moves, involving several forms of trickery. It was a rather rowdy game, with screams heard all around, but only mainly from Dunder. To[ward] the Window…



WAKA Shame Bunt Pirates


Well, we lost….AGAIN. This time to a winless team. Makes me feel even better. But, enough reminding myself of how my team played. Now, I have to congratulate the beautiful Sara Moore and her group of misfits for a great game. They battled it out to the end and got the W. I hope to see them prosper through the rest of the season and hope hell freezes over and they put it to Relax for a victory. Good luck Sugarlumps, I wish yall the best.



Before I get to the good stuff, I think a shout-out to Mary is in order.  She definitely ROCKED the game day jersey!!!!
As far as the game went, well…. I can not believe that Sweat and Balls’ two wins are against one of the most underrated teams in WAKA!  Lucky?  Just maybe!  SITC definitely has their act together but we just seem to keep missing out on key scoring opportunities.  OUR TIME IS DUE!!  Play-Off time is near.  With two games left in the regular season I think we need a new strategy.

For every run our opponents score, SITC will take a shot as a team.  I hope the charity shots are plentiful.  If not, I hope everyone enjoys tequila!

Ooooh. I can’t forget to mention Bernie.  We officially have our very first addition to the Injured Reserved List.
With an heroic attempt to make an all-star play, Bernie blew out his knee.  OUCH!!!   It’s okay, he went down in good fashion.

As for flip cup, let’s give props to the good guys.  Tara, Mary, Mandy and Darren.  I thought Mark was in attendance but
some would have their own opinions.  We had a two-round surge dominating S&B.  I honestly don’t think they made it down their entire line.  Oh well, I guess they had the luck of the Irish taking us the remaining three rounds.  I personally was distracted/disrupted by someone on the opposing team.  Anything to win, right?



See you all on the fields for our last regular season game!

(Remember, week 3 on the schedule..)


Don’t forget to bring your dolla’ bills…

Bill Cosby wants you to buy and consume jello and help those rugrats!!

more pictures on our Facebook page... upload your own!

more pictures on our Facebook page... upload your own! Just don't ask about this...

WAKA Live – Week 6

April 15, 2009




Flip Cuppers,

Thank you for a very solid turn out at the bar. After a two week hiatus (damn you work), it was wonderful to see your lovely, if not a little sloppy, faces. Thank you again to my fabulous co-refs, Elicious, Jen and Lacy for stepping up in my absence.

Stats for this week:

Relax v. Balls to the Wall: Relax wins. I missed this match up but I saw some Relax action in later games so I can only imagine.

Sex and the City v. Balls Deep: SATC scores! This team also came out huge for charity this week. Bravo to you!!

Waka Shame v. KIR: Waka gets a point. Even Steve’s return couldn’t help the kids.

Freebasers aka SuperLame v. Sugar Lumps: Yey for Sugar Lumps!

Fupa v. Chupa: This team was still partying with their keg when we left the fields at 9pm. There was a lot of talk of kegstands and the costumes were amazing so I give you both a point, and a huge amount of respect.

Dunder v. Walk of Shame: DUUUUUNDER. Nice work!

Cereal Killers v. Sweatn Balls: The Jen trifecta was in full effect sweeping a win for McNabb’s birthday!

Red Rockets v. YLLINAD: You look like….. You look like you win!

~ Danielle




Again, you all rock!! This week we actually sold out before the first game was even over! Lesson learned, I will double the recipe so that those playing the later games don’t miss out. Thanks again, I think we are pretty close to hitting out season goal of $300 which is awesome considering we still have quite a few games as well as a tournament to get through. Do we think we can hit $500?? Mixing it up this week with a little Malibu… Find me and Lacy on Thursday…

What’s Friday without a killer kickball hangover?!

~ Danielle



Where’s your writeup Rock?? I’m too busy to remind you and have no mercy at the moment. Yes, Freebasers will forever be on this list until they show to Jovita’s and try to be social with the rest of the league.. But really, step it up Prez!!

That is all. On to the fun stuff…


Basic RGB

Relax triples their runs allowed… and still wins by eight.  You Look Like I Need a Drink and Balls Deep continue their winning ways and FUPA gets Chupacabraed.

Great guest quote from an actual team this week:  “Another ‘W’ in the win column!” Um, what?

1. Relax and Let it Happen. “Someone needs to win the bottle of whiskey on the line [bounty for beating Relax.]”  “Six runs allowed in five games = impressive.”

2. Walk of Shame. “Andre’s practices three times a week seem to be working.”  “Three wins by one run?  I thought good teams blew people out?”

3. Cereal Killers. “Cam’s team at #3?  I call BS.”  “Fruit Loops must have steroids in it.”

4. El Chupacabra. “Solid ‘D’ and their wench is an ultra hottie.”  “We’ll see if it keeps going their way [playing Freebasers this week].”

5. WAKA Shame. “Nice recovery after getting brutalized by Relax.”  “I smell another letdown against a good and desperate Sugar Lumps team.”

6. Freebasers. “Bunting IS their bag, baby.”  “Baby got bunt.”

7. You Look Like I Need a Drink. “Shut out the Rockets, guess they don’t like dog penises either.”  “Three straight, look out for these guys and dolls.”

8. Red Rockets. “They need to stand up and scream something absurd, make a name for themselves, SOMETHING.”  “Good game this week [v. Cereal Killers] we’ll get to see which team is for real.”

9. Balls Deep. [classic debate offense v. defense] “Has anyone on this team even kicked the ball deep?  16 runs in five games?” “Ten runs allowed, 2nd best in the league.  If defense really DOES win championships, look out.”

10. Balls Toward the Wall. “Credit for giving Relax their best game of the year.”  “I’m going to blame that one on Josh being out, he’s worth at least five runs.”

11. Kids in Rehab. “Have they had a full team once this year?”  “Was that a ghost pitching for them?”

12. Dunder ResERECTION. “Their first base person is a crazy woman.”  “My personal favorite team and darkhorse for the playoffs.”

13. FUPA’s. “The dream matchup was their worst nightmare.”  “Those costumes were freaking amazing.  And disturbing [Eric.]”

14. Sugar Lumps. “They take their lumps then drink.”  “These folks and Sex are proud and are going to beat someone down before the season is out.”

15. Sex and the City. “There is more to modeling than just being ridiculously good looking.” “Calling it right now, they get their first W this week over Sweat n Balls.”

16. Sweat and Balls. “Great six innings against Cereal Killers, then rolled craps.”  “That defense has tightened up the last two weeks.”


And now for the actual rankings…



Relax and Let It Happen


For the first time in my kickball career, I took the field without the accompaniment of Jay Russell.  He had to miss the game to catch a Jonas Brothers concert I think, not totally sure though just know it was something along those lines.  Anyways, I took the mound with my contrasting style, working quickly and quietly.  After a ROCKY first inning where “we” (I) allowed more runs than we had allowed so far this season, we found our groove when Smashley and Cyclone decided to join the party so we could field a full defensive lineup.  The most memorable play of the game had to be Joey kicking the ball what seemed like 250 feet on the fly with a slight fade and a helping wind (some Masters talk for you).  It was majestic to say the least, I think he could have cartwheeled from 3rd to home and been safe by ten seconds.  Next I would like to acknowledge Chris for his dastardly base-running with zero remorse.  It is rare that someone scores and our teammates withhold high fives from them but you never know when it is going to be the difference-making-play in the game.

Flip cup was a return to glory for us.  We made quick work of our opponents by winning three straight and when I left the bar I believe we were still teaching lessons at the table.  Looks like everyone finally had enough of getting punked.  Speaking of getting punked, I got punked by a red snapper shot.  This oak pollen has produced a hell of a cough so anything I try to drink or inhale quickly results in a hearty cough, like the kind that might send red snapper liquid all over my teammates at Jovita’s.  Rest assured, there was no vomit (not that I am above it but just want to be clear here) involved but I still apologize for my party foul.  Also, in case the rest of the league doesn’t know I will let you in on a little secret: chicks DIG shouting matches about college football in April, trust me about 10% of the time…it works every time.


I ain't too proud!

While Dunder will focus on their domination of Shame in flip cup, we will address kickball where we are seemingly the second-best thing going today. To be fair, the resERECTION was a real stiff test (no pun intended). They will shock some people in the playoffs. You heard it here first.  About the flip cup game… we need more veteran participation. When our lineup is at optimal strength, Dunder stands no chance. But when you throw in the two rookies and a first-time flip cup player (Mizzy this is the excuse we are making up for you), miracles can happen. I guess the sun does shine on a dog’s ass every now and again.

Anyway, this week was pretty bad for Shame. No real MVP to speak of… Yeah, like none at all. HOWEVER, we do have an LVP! Our Least Valuable Player this week goes to Chris Sobremonte! You missed kickball for tennis. May God have mercy on your soul. Your lack of being in the outfield almost cost us the game, you freaking slimeball. All your fault. Speaking of… LVP Honorable Mention goes to Chris H’s defense in the outfield… Were you drunk out there? Wow. I’ll blame it on the alcohol.


Balls Deep (the artists formerly known as Soul Train) has a lot of payback coming their way after their upset of the century against us last season in the playoffs. Last season was a fluke. (Refer to picture above….) Walks will win 6-2.




In a word? Epic.


Epic all around. The costumed game of kickball was a blast any way you slice it. Thanks to the FUPAs for an excellent idea and for hauling in a keg of DosEquis! Muchas gracias, we owe you plenty of beers. (After 3 kegstands I was too drunk to give you my money.. someone remind me I’m not in college anymore!..)

Now for something completely different..

“Chupa the FUPA” Superlatives:

Most creative costume: Gotta be a three-way-tie between the Steinbacher siblings and Kate really.. GREAT costumes. Adam’s Mad Scientist gets extra points for including consumable & alcoholic, green mystery fluid in a test tube! And Sarah’s “Frodo Lives” number was outstanding!

Hottest costume: Hands down. Amanda, our Beer Wench. You scored wearing a bustier!!

Best use of costume: Tie between Lusto with his gripping Mario hands, and Drewzilla using his Wolverine hand-blades(?) to scratch Ryan’s back..

Most shocking costume: Dos. We were all surprised when he stripped off his pressed Polo and Dockers to reveal Princess Toadstool herself. Classy!

Most misunderstood costume: Kate Talbot, the Black Eyed Pea. (Andre from Walks thought she was a dalmation..?!)

Notable mentions: Old school Chris and the funky ‘fro! Jesse’s last minute Christmas bear shoved in his pants.. whats new? Ryan’s fried chicken accessory, which made it all the way to home! Our Mexican soccer player Scott kicked ass! Plus all the fantastic costumes of the FUPAs–too many to mention!–but Best in Show, hands down, was Lisa 🙂

BRAVO to everyone for dressing up! Awesome game. Other than that, I’ll let the pictures tell the rest..

This week: We take on the Freebasers.. At least we can look forward to another flip cup win!



Red Rockets


A very wise kickballer once told me “it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, its how you celebrate!” After an impressive start to the season the only good thing the Red Rockets tallied last Thursday was the number of beers and Tequila shots we drank.



8-Ball, something us Freebasers are quite familiar with, is exactly what we were working with this past Thurs as we strung out a strong win. With half the team hunting down the the mystical Easter Bunny, a posse of 8 was all we had in our stash.  Everyone got a piece of the action as the Freebasers smoked the competition.

Blunts and bunts forever – who got the lighta.


Cereal Killers

Before I get to the exploits of our team, I need to write a retraction.  Last week, I wrote about how our squad valiantly battled a bunch of Cougars while I was away.  I would like to amend that.  On April 9th, the Cereal Killers forged a hard fought tie with a bunch of hot PUMAS and BOBCATS, not Cougars.  Thank you.

Now, onto the happenings.  To the eight brave souls from Sweat n’ Balls:  Hell of a game.  Y’all were all over the place on defense, you scored your runs legit, and you made us earn everything.  Good game and y’all made us sweat.

Whole team defensive effort, truly.  Twice they had the winning runs on in the 5th and 6th, and we escaped and let our offense have a chance.  Really, everyone made the plays they should have made, error-free night, I’m proud.

On offense, we finally got it going in the 7th.  To get us there, Neal drove one in and scored the tying run on Josh’s ball.  Then Neal drove in the game winner on a perfectly placed 9 iron.  Jenn Suchon had a perfect kick to keep the rally going.  Josh and Amy and Whitney and Jen McNabb kept it going in the 7th and Rick closed it out.  Jen scored again, two weeks running, and she told me that kickball made it her best birthday ever.

Last but not least, a long overdue shout out for our Flip Cuppers.  Undefeated last year, almost completely new team this year, and only one loss.  On Thursday, Jen H, Jen M, Jenn, Vivek and Rick dominated Relax and Let it Happen.  Like 3-0, 3-0.  Don’t give me that crap about your team not being there, you showed up and you got smoked.  Deal with it.



Kids In Rehab

Dear TX Capital Teams,



TX Live





On Thursday it appeared that all the members of YLLINAD had just escaped from the sober house and were going on a binder worthy of a Mel Gibson break down.  Apparently we have found that our winning is directly correlated to our intoxication, so we have upped the booze intake with glorious results.  I’m not going to lie… I’m a little scared about the next few games.  Scared in a “first-time-playing-7 minutes-in-heaven” way though… so its all good.

The Red Rockets Fake Red Team were amongst the coolest peeps we have encountered to date in our virgin mission into WakaLand.  I’m trying to remember what actually happened during the game.  I know we deciding that simply beating our opponents to the bag was lame and started working on unnecessary “beaming.”  Greg and Jules took matters into their own hands and Jules even scored a single-handed double play.  Our captain, some asshole, yelled at the pitcher to slow down the pitches, only to have her later walk someone and deserve every bit of yelling she received.  Literally one mental flash later, game is over, we came on strong late again, and after some controversy over a call…. What’s that???  WINNING STREAK, BITCHES!

Our commitment to the devil juice continued at the bar.  We were ready to rock when flip cup started.  Greg can’t remember to tap his cup, I’m slowly getting an aneurysm with that thought running constantly through my already nimble brain.  Adam is taking forever and just gives up.  All is redeemed when we win in stunning fashion and I try not to fall over.

Great times, Great Sport, One life shower later and it was Friday morning.





OK, from now on when we win the toss we’re going to take Visitors… we lost this game in the first half of the first inning because we weren’t paying attention. Maybe 8:00 is too late for us? Maybe we’re all just too old, and we can’t go from zero to kickball in five seconds? Maybe we need to introduce ritualistic spanking to wake everybody up? I’m open to suggestions. VERY open.

After we let them just keep running the freaking bases and score two runs, we woke up and started playing really well. Our offense was MUCH improved from last week, mixing it up and getting on base – Tim as always came through with the scoring crusher. Defense was pretty tight –  E’Lois rocked first base, good to have Mendoza at 2nd again, Felipe’s pitching looked nice and bouncy this week. Sadly, no toddlers for Jonathan to save this week. Maybe next week.

So a 3-2 loss, but we played well against a good team, had fun and earned some redemption with a 3-1 flipcup win oh yeah!!!




1 jug of Sangria. 4 hot Tecates. 1 tub of lime sherbert.

All Ball To[ward] the Wall needed against Relax and Let It Happen.
So what if we lost?
The record before us was 1 run against them.
We have broken that record…we got 4 runs. Our goal was to make them nervous, and that, we did. Although we were down valuable players, we still marked our territory…right on their shirts. I hope they washed them at least three times. We’re quite potent.
Final scored? 12[11] – 4.
Let me put EMPHASIS on the rules of kickball. Not that it matters, right? It’s just kickball…
Ball is DEAD, [repeat] DEAD when it is thrown to the pitcher. Just FYI; let’s play by the rules, shall we?
Despite some lack of calls and at some times, [unnecessary] calls, we proved our worth. Perhaps they were thrown off a bit by the slight name change? At any rate, we made ‘Relax and Let It Happen’ more like ‘Nervous That We Let That Happen’…
3 Invisible Game Balls Thrown Out…to good hustle and good sport. The only thing we are worried about now is if any team beats our record against Relax. BEAT 4 RUNS. I DARE YOU.
In response to Walk Of Shame (is that REALLY your name??): the so-called ‘Indian-styled pow-wow’ that you allegedly thought was ‘odd’ was, in fact, quite normal. We just like to gloat amongst each other, and soak up each other’s ‘awesomeness’. It really only aids the team, trust us…we’re balls-y, after all.
To[ward] the window…



Kegstand Jilly!

Kegstand Jilly!

In our drunken kegstandin’ fog, the FUPAcabras think we hazily remember we took 2nd in our game vs. the Cupacabras last Thursday.  And with less than a gallon left in our keg…hiccup, burp, we went over to Jovitas to continue the debauchery!   And to all of those who did not show for the game or Jovitas and for those of us who did but don’t remember…please enjoy the evidence of a damn good time!



Sex & the City



Great week everyone!!

See you Thursday!!


WAKA Live – Week 5

April 8, 2009


Well K-ballers… March Madness may be over, but the real excitement is just beginning to churn up on the kickball fields. Week 5 involved MANY unpredictable wins, loses, and bruises. What will the next few weeks bring??



Good week everyone!!! Good to see everyone out at the fields and the bar. I have had many inquiries about the mid-season party and the end of season party. They are getting organized and yall will all be updated as soon as the plans are final. Get ready for a good/not very sober time. If you don’t drink, I want to see you put down a gallon of coffee, four 5 Hour Energies and three Red Bulls.
The games this week look very good. The rankings are very close and this week is the make-it or break-it for many teams. The game to watch this week or just to say repeatedly in your head is: Chupa Vs. Fupa…Even if this was a chess game, I would watch it based on the team names. So many comments come to mind….
Hope yall all had a great week and look forward to seeing yall out there thursday.
Peace, Love, Kickball
Quote of the Day: “Will you Chupa my Fupa?”


sooo happy

My Lovies,

Thank you, thank you for again coming out strong for our charity. I call Shoes for Austin every Friday with an update and the team there is so grateful and excited about our progress that it almost makes me cry. Those of you that know me know it doesn’t take much, but still, you are really impacting lives and it is awesome to see. We completely sold out again which means we raised about $80 or shoes for 4 more children here in Austin.

Also, on May 2nd, Shoes for Austin is also sponsoring a 5K (3.2 miles) walk/run. Here is the link to register ( If you want more details, find me at the fields. I am definitely going to run so if we want to get a group together and then hit up brunch afterwards, I think it could be a fun morning.

We are going to be out and about on the fields again this week so if you have a few bucks and like to get silly on Thursday nights, please find me or Lacy.

Thanks again for all of your support and good luck this week!!

~ Danielle



Hello Flip-cuppers,

Hey everyone! This is your Asst. Ref Jen aka Fruit Loops here to thank everyone who managed to make it to the bar this week to partake in our beloved game. Where else can you pound beer and yell at each other and not get arrested??

Okay, so first of all, let me say WTF people!?!? We had four teams that no-showed this week…FOUR! This sure made for a hectic night trying to get teams that WANTED to play match-ups! How hard is it to drive to the bar after the game? It’s just around the corner… Anyway, a big shout out to the troopers of El Chupacabra for stepping in and playing anyone who wanted to play. They were even playing against each other at one point in the evening. Now THAT’S dedication people! Relax better watch out!!

Here’s the way the scores will be tallied, you all know I’ve been on meds for at least a week so I didn’t write down the actual scores… sue me!!

Sweat N Balls vs Balls Deep – the rookie team took it

YLLINEAD vs  FreeBasers – I knew this score before I even got to the bar. We should   just rename the FreeBasers to the “Forfeiters”…

El Chupacabra vs Kids in Rehab – Chupa was there and ready with beer. Has anyone seen the Kids?? Anyone? Anyone?

Cereal Killers vs Sex in the City – Lacy stepped in to guest referee this game. CK was back at full strength this week. (Welcome back Rick) We showed Sex how three Jen’s and two guys can really put it down!! Kill! Kill! Kill!

WAKA Shame vs Relax  – WAKA was waiting for some retribution… I think Relax was afraid they would get beaten by the Bunt Pirates!

Balls Toward vs  Walk of Shame – Big Orange took this one by forfeit….BIG surprise!!

Sugarlumps vs  FUPAs – This was one of four actual matches… Sugarlumps killed it!! The boys from Flight of the Concord would be proud…

Red Rockets vs Dunder –  So Harley helped her team pull this one out by drinking some of the beer and flipping a cup with her tail. That dog is awesome!! E-licious took this loss hard…she’ll be looking for blood next week!!

That’s all I have for Week 5!! No team has an excuse not to come to the bar on Thursday night because Friday’s a holiday bitches!! Get yo asses to the bar kickballers!!

Thanks to all for keeping the beer flowing and the cups flippin’…

~ Jen – Assistant Flip-Cup Referee


Basic RGB

Wow.  Everyone is on the scoreboard now (Sugar Lumps and Sex and the City with the one-point for ties) You Look Like I need a Drink with a 5th inning explosion.  Six teams sitting at 2-2.

And we’re only half way home.

1. Relax and Let it Happen. “Relax = Untouchable.”  “Who will be the 1st team to give them a loss?  Prolly no one unless God and Jesus form a team, and then maybe.”

2. Red Rockets. “Who would’ve thought?”  “That loss to Balls Deep doesn’t look near as bad, and might have gotten them rolling.”

3. Walk of Shame. “Might not even need to play WAKA Shame, looks like that debate is already settled.”

4. El Chupacabra. “Shut out Rehab, impressive.”  “Even though they chupa the cabra, they are a good team out there.”

5. Cereal Killers. “Managed to turn a win into a tie against Sex.”  “That negative run differential is going to catch up to them.”

6. Balls Deep. “Weren’t they like 15th just two weeks ago?  Wow.”  “Starting to get the deep balls.”

7. Balls Toward the Wall. “Hang on, how did they rise two spots after losing a game?”  “It’s like they’re getting rusty the more they play, that’s kind of backwards.”

8. Freebasers. “Agreed not to bunt and it hurt them in the end.”  “Lost in the top of the 5th, ouch.”

9. Kids in Rehab. “How does THAT team get shut out?” “I think they’re saving it for the playoffs.  Playoffs?”  “Minnie’s good looks distract everyone.”

10. Dunder ResERECTION. “They need to live up to their full potential.”  “Entertaining to watch…”

11. WAKA Shame. “Was hoping they’d put up a better showing against Relax.”  “Good thing I didn’t take the points, Relax covered that spread and then some.”

12. You Look Like I Need a Drink. “Pulled off a ‘W’.  What?!??!”  “First a chug off, then a last inning comeback.  By the end of the year they might just lead from the 1st inning on.”

13. FUPA’s. “The bold and the beautiful.”  “I don’t care what the records say, I don’t want to play that team.”

14. Sugar Lumps. “They like to drink.  Enough said.”  “Why were their no chugoffs for the two ties this week?”

15. Sex and the City. “Impressive rally after falling behind in the top of the 5th.”  “YLLINAD tied last week, then won.  Are they next?”

16. Sweat and Balls. “How did they win a game again?”  “Keeping the games close at least, but they are heading in the wrong direction after that opening ‘W’”


And now, the standings as of Week 5…



Relax and Let It Happen


You know how for several years there in a row, Texas would make its annual death march up to Dallas to get throttled in the Cotton Bowl by Oklahoma?  Every year was like groundhog day, and yet Longhorn fans continued to allow themselves to get their hopes up only to be shattered by the Sooners.  There is general feeling of hopelessness that people usual alleviate by making sarcastic remarks so as to prepare themselves for the worst, even though they know when it ultimately becomes reality it will still cut just as deep.  My point here is that there is no rivalry between a hammer and a nail, and that relationship accurately describes our thorough dominance of all teams which are fielded by our league president Ryan Logue.  If you don’t know the history, we have beaten them in the last two tournament finals and once with only eight players.  It has become so one sided that members of their team openly lobby to join our juggernaut at the end of each season.

However, we reserve the rights to no such arrogance in flip cup.  This past week we did not even field a team that I am aware of at Jovita’s.  If only we had a team bus to take around so the thought of driving never interfered with the will to party.  We will have to right the ship if we want to truly leave an indelible mark on WAKA Austin.  It is time to win again goshdamnit!



Walk of Shame

I ain't too proud!

I ain't too proud!

There was some good that came about this week: The Walks won of course.

Then there was some bad: We left like a million people stranded in scoring position.

Then there was some ugly: The uniform color that Balls to the Wall wore this season. Fail. Way to dress like road cones!

But what was up with what you guys did after the game? Why were you sitting in a circle Indian-style for an hour afterwards? That was strange, and we’ll leave it at that.

Since we couldn’t do the flip cup thing last week, perhaps we’ll have a special showdown this week? Bring you and your balls to the bar and make it happen.

Co-MVP’s of the week going out to KiKi and Mizzy. You’re pretty much the best short stop in the league… defensively at least. I’ll put money on it. Also, the best pitcher in the league hands down is Mizzy. What a catch to make sure we won the game. That was pretty awesome. Hopefully there’s no long-lasting damage to your insides after making that catch.

Big game against a good team (I think) this week. If you aren’t good, my apologies.



Kids in Rehab


Chupas had us at Hello…

We had a run but it didn’t count…just a tap on the bababa-base would have helped to tie it up.  We had 3 awesome double plays which was pretty sweet – 2 of which MVP Jon “Magic Finger’s” Wagner took upon and made it look easy as a Sunday morning.  Dube got a little greedy and tried to turn a triple into a homerun but out of nowhere, SuperDave appears and pegs him out.  We really beat ourselves and even though they tried giving us the game, we just didn’t want to take it!  Chupas, you are a fun team, hats off to you!  However, watch out for their Curvy pitcher, he can fake you out.   One more thing, their 1st baseman likes to slam the ball on small Asians and knock her over just 2 feet away!!!  Here’s the aftermath:



Until next week, we face off WAKA Shame Bunt Pirates.

~The Bruised Asian & Greedy Beignet


We never die easy. In fact, we didn’t lose, we just let them win. I mean, for only a 20 minute game, we thought it was practice. Clearly, WAKA does not agree. Who knew!

I would like to personally blame three of the following:

1- The lack of bunting. Who DOESN’T bunt?! Balls To[ward] the Wall has not had their adequate amount of games bunting. And by that, I mean no games whatsoever. Nada. None. How does any team expect us to bring our A-Game 100%?

2- The name. WAKA Shame, Walk of Shame, Walking in Shame, Walking Shamefully… HONESTLY, guys, choosing names that sound even remotely similar in nature should not be done  [ahem] Rock…glad I got my throat cleared on that one.

and last but not in the very least:

3- The orange fro (of sorts). Josh thought that it would effectively distract them…but, CLEARLY he was wrong. Correction: mis-informed.

We might be forced to resort to some other form of guerrilla tactics (that are NOT against WAKA rules so help me God!)…or maybe we just need to start pounding back a few more beers.

Perhaps if the Jell-O shots this week were ORANGE this time around. . .

Next on the agenda: Relax and Let It Happen…

…they won’t know what hit ’em!

-The Biggest Midget In This Game

To[ward] the Window. . .




What happens when you try to be nice? You lose. Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Jesus…they were were all selfless people, and now they’re dead. (Currently losing at life). The Freebasers joined this altruistic team of losers last week when we also tried to be nice…we agreed to play kickball sans bunting! Our counterparts, You Look Like I Need a Drink, suggested the silly rule, and being the base-heads that we are, we ignorantly agreed to the madness. Not to take anything away from the victors, but that will never happen again. We will have our revenge soon enough. And when that glorious day comes, you can bet your sweet virgin ass that we ain’t gonna be so nice next time. Who got the lighta’!



Like I said last week, we don’t believe in rehab. After hearing so much about the team and their history in WAKA, and Dube’s phenomenal kicking abilities.. we shattered all expectations and took a well-needed win (shutout style!) over the Kids. It was a fun game.. especially when one of their players “missed” tagging home (whoopsie!!) inevitably leading to the “shutout heard ’round the field.”

Good job to everyone this week.. good communication and smart thinking lead to a great win! As well as Jesse really taking out Minnie on first with a dodgeball sort of method.. she’s just a little woman!! In other news, Raul redeemed himself with solid catching, Ryan pitched like an ace (but, managed to knock me on my ass during one play), and Super Dave ran fast…seriously, he’s really quick!

Lookin’ good, feelin’ good, the Chupa’s headed to Jovita’s and continued our excellence in the form of (too many to count) flip cup matches.. However, missing were the Kids. They must’ve had curfew..?

This week, a much anticipated matchup:  Chupa’s vs FUPAs @ 8pm!  [refer to Pres. Rock’s “Quote of the Day”]

Costumes, Keg(s), FUPAs.. oh my!!!



WAKA Shame Bunt Pirates


I am not sure what to say once again about our team play. The dreaded/roided Relax really put it to us as much as we beat ourselves. BUT, that is the past, and this is the future…Lets go out there, have some fun, as we are good at doing, and lets beat the ever living kickballs out of Dube and his group of misfits. Deal? Good to hear.
See yall Thursday.
— Rock


Cereal Killers


Some kind of Captain I am.  While my team was valiantly struggling against a good-looking group of Cougars, I was off drinking and cussing and being inappropriate.  So pretty much exactly the same thing I always do, but I was wearing matching socks.  At any rate, hats of to Rick for doing an outstanding job Captaining in my place.  He’s 1-0-1 on the season, when last year my fill in Captains were 0-4 and allowed 51 runs in four games.  And no, that’s not an exaggeration.  Neal kicked a homerun that hasn’t landed yet.  MVP to Amy and Whitney for bringing the brews.  This week I’ll be back to do what I do best:  drink and cuss and be inappropriate while wearing mismatching socks.

You Look Like I Need A Drink


Let’s just say that our first official win came to us just as a Talkboy II might have come to a youngster in the Christmas of 1990.  Hopefully you get the cheesy ass reference.  We were jubilated.. Thoroughly.  I’d like to give thanks to the Freebasers for being down with our gun slinging method of play and putting aside bunts for one game.  It was out of your norm and we appreciate it… especially since we won and all.  Ooops?

Things to mention:

1. Adam “the dirty water” Kohler made a crucial error that MAY or may not have been the cause of our one run scored against us… But no one is pointing fingers.

2. Bruce “the goose” Pomerleau was literally flying in the outfield and made a great sliding catch just as his kinfolk might descend upon an unsuspecting lake or pond.

3. Mason “the rock” Gemar was 2-2 on base and gave us the encouragement we needed to play like champs (rule no. 76 of course).

4. Steve “dear lord your foot is my hero” Johnson had a beautiful bomb down the third base line to get us three runs and our first win.  This feat cannot be talked about enough… lets just say… a few of us had to go from six to midnight.

5. Julia “skin is no delight” Laskowski bravely slid into second leaving the better part of her thigh on the field, I guess that’s just a tribute to her days of showing skin to win??

another mangled thigh.. (oh, the high price of kickball!)

another mangled thigh.. (oh, the high price of kickball!)

All in all great defense and a fun game.  The absence of light blue shirts lead to a win in flip cup for us, so we gave them a little feel good medicine by letting them take a victory at washers at Freddys [read: we got our asses kicked].  See ya’ll on Thursday… wearing stupid looking socks…




i just threw up in my mouth..

i just threw up in my mouth..

Exciting chug off tie breaker last week between FUPA-licious and SugarLumps to determine the winner of a great game!

The chug off was exciting!  It can be best described as the backwashers vs. the dribblers!  The FUPA chuggers may have had a spiddle of brewsky at the bottom of their sippy cups, but SugarLumps chuggers needed bibs.. We could run through a wringer to measure the beer spilt while chugging!  Lucky for us FUPAs, the ref agreed and ruled in our favor.  Burp!  The End!  And we all lived happily ever after.

We look forward to Thursday when the mighty scary ogre-like FUPAcabras prepare to go against the Chupacabras at 8pm!



Schedule for this week…


Don’t forget to bring money for yummy jello shots!!

click to view more photos from week 5

click to view more photos from week 5...

See ya’ll Thursday!

WAKA Live – Week 4

April 1, 2009

After a two week hiatus, WAKA Live was back on the field for a night of muddy escapades, suprising wins and loses, and a birthday keg!

After a two week hiatus, WAKA Live was back on the field for a night of muddy escapades, surprising upsets, and a birthday keg!



Good day everyone! Hopefully you all made it out of last week with less bruises, pulled muscles and general full body pain than myself. The rain made for some interesting games, great wipe outs, and most of all, some upsets. There is only one undefeated team left in the league, Relax and Let it Happen, whom seem to be the favorite to hate, but sometimes love at the same time. Hopefully my team can end their reign of terror, but history doesn’t make that look too promising. We may have to pull a Nancy Kerrigan on them to get the “W”.

I would like to thank everyone as well for helping with the charity by slurping down some of those jello shots. The league ladies work hard to make those (well as hard as they can be to make) and just think, you are helping out underprivileged kids by taking shots… life could be worse.

Hope yall have had a hell of a week and are ready to get back on the fields Thursday. The Power Polls are back, and as biased as ever…if you don’t like your ranking, step it up…

— Pres. Logue


You people are seriously the best. We beat our fundraising goal for this week by $21 dollars which means that on Thursday alone, we bought shoes for 4 underprivileged kids here in Austin. Many of you were asking about the charity that we chose so I will discuss it again.

We chose this organization because it incorporates both kids and sports and is also locally based. Plus, we will be able to directly see how our money is being put to work. As I have mentioned, $20 buys a brand new pair of New Balance sneakers for kids here locally who meet certain academic and physical fitness goals. So far we have been able to help 7 kids and Shoes for Austin will ensure that we either get to meet this kids, or that we get notes from them so that we know who we are helping. Seriously, every dollar helps and I am so grateful for how all of you have come together to support our charity.

We are going to stick with jello shots as they have been successful. Plus, Lacy and I found a website that has about 400 different recipes and we are excited to test them all out!! Please bring some dollar bills if you can. I will be at the fields around 6:30.

Thanks again, a million times over, and see you on Thursday!!

~ Danielle


(he wants you to BUY JELLO SHOTS!!)



Flip Cup Junkies,

Way to go on another awesome showing. As I had the late game this week, I enlisted my two celebrity flip cup refs, Lacy and Elois to take the reigns. With that, I pass the column on to Elois:

Wazzzzzzzz  uuuuuuppppp Peeps!!! E-Licious D-Licious aka Elois here for your guest writer this week. I do want to start of by saying how much fun it was to ref some of the Flip-Cup games!! Thank you all for allowing me to use my loudness for something useful! This is my third season for kickball and I must say kudos to Jovita’s! They have been extremely cool with our rowdy bunch thus far. The drink specials are great and the flip cup games this season are simply awesome!! Everyone is looking forward to the flip cup games and the bar as much or more than the actual kickball games which I think is always a plus. Danielle and Lacy thanks again for the fun night! I had a blast!

Now onto the important things. Okay, here are this week’s stats:

Relax v. Sugar Lumps:   Lumps take this round!

Red Rockets v. Balls Deep:   Here’s to the Red Rockets for a win. This makes Balls Deep 2 losses in a row, Come on guys!!

Sweat’n Balls v. Dunder ResERECTION:   Ok, so Dunder took you guys on the field but blew a 2-0 start by losing the last 3 rounds in a row for Sweat’n to get a come from behind victory at the flip cup tables. Sweat’n just handed Dunder their first Flip cup defeat of the season. Hats off to you guys for a fun night of kickball and flip cup!

El Chupacabra v. You Look Like I Need a Drink:   This one came down to an extra round tied at 2 each… the last round was too close to call so it went into extra flips. El Chupacabra took the win in this nail biter!!

Cereal Killers v. Kids in Rehab:   Cereal Killers took this one.

Sex and the City v. Walk of Shame: After making sure the name was correct on the board Walk OF Shame still lost this one to Sex and the City. But hey, at least we got the name right!!

Great week everyone, looking forward to seeing you all at the tables this week!!!



Onto the field games,

Standings as of Week 4:



Basic RGB

Five undefeated teams entered last week, one exited.  Who’s going to knock Relax off their pedestal?  Who’s going to be Sex and the City’s 1st victim?  Stay tuned..

  1. Relax and Let it Happen. “Obvious pick for number 1”  “Scoreboard.”
  2. Freebasers. “A team that no one wants to play.  Kinda like Relax”  “They beat a bunch of veterans, respect.”
  3. Walk of Shame. “Looking forward to them settling with WAKA Shame.”  “Undefeated with a full team.”
  4. WAKA Shame. “I see this team making a run for silver.”  “Thought they could just step onto the field and win.  Oops.”
  5. Red Rockets. “I love dog dic… I mean, this team looks promising to compete.”  “Definitely talented, but getting punked by a winless team?”
  6. Kids in Rehab. “If Minnie and Dube weren’t so hot, they’d be #10.”  “They’re now 83-0 following a loss.”
  7. Cereal Killers. “Slipping and sliding all over the place like a baby giraffe on ice.”  “If nothing else, they are very entertaining to watch.”
  8. Dunder ResERECTION. “I love boner references.”  “I want to see them beat a winning team.”
  9. Balls Toward the Wall. “Looking for Jonah and Josh to step it up.” “Another 2-0 that lost to an 0-2.  Hmmm…”
  10. FUPA’s. “Wendell and Lisa may be the coolest people in the league.”  “That W might have been the one to get them rolling.”
  11. El Chupacabra. “They may turn out to be a surprise in the playoffs.  As long as they don’t drink.”  “They can’t even drink beer.  You should be the weakest link.”
  12. Balls Deep. “Need more deep balls.”  “This could be the sleeper team.  Lets just hope they don’t fall asleep.”
  13. Sugar Lumps. “They get credit for scoring on Relax and putting up with their shit.”  “Playing the toughest schedule in the league so far.”
  14. Sweat and Balls.  “Loud.  Really loud.  Wait, that’s only the Captain.”  “Kept it close this week.  Baby steps.”
  15. You Look Like I need a Drink.  “Their Captain has to be right one of these times.”  “Momentum from winning a chug off?  Weirder things have happened.”
  16. Sex and the City.  “Still good looking.”  “They are going to catch some team napping and beat them HARD.”


Relax & Let It Happen

no clue who's THIS could be..

no clue who's THIS could be..

Jay’s scoreless innings streak was finally brought to a screeching halt during a furious one run rally by our opponents in the bottom of the fifth inning.  Much of the blame was attributed directly to Justin, however, we got scored on as a team.  Aside from that most unfortunate occurrence of actually allowing the other team to feel a sense of accomplishment, we thoroughly dominated the game from start to finish.  We were a bit shorthanded with various injuries, vacations and come to Jesus dinners but we managed to field a lineup anyways.  Sadly, we were also missing the music that has become our soundtrack in WAKA play as we had extension cord issues(we don’t have one that is 200 feet long).

Jovita’s was another humbling lesson as we were annihilated swiftly and efficiently.  Again there was a lot of finger-pointing going on after the loss but we are no longer amongst the ranks of the unbeaten in flip cup.  Luckily there is a long season ahead to redeem ourselves.  I cannot talk much as my flip cup capabilities are like Shaq at the free throw line, just a total and complete train-wreck-mess.  Hopefully we can bring a full team to the fields this week and carry on our undefeated kickball season.

— Mark


Balls Toward the Wall

Make the hurting stop – B2W – 4-3 (Losers’ Circle)

You: charming nursing home escapees with superior fashion sense and calf strength. Us: over-confident previously undefeated’s trying to figure out what qualifies as a FUPA. Was that mud on your pants, or were we just really sorry to play you?

Can’t explain how good it felt to catch your line drive between our legs. You played hard to get [out], we tried to get to 3rd base too early and often. Loved guessing where your waistline ended and the fun began, but we just couldn’t get our balls deep enough.

Thanks for the lesson in humility. You’re wise beyond – or probably around – your age.

*Location: Our Last Hoorah

It’s OK to contact this poster via Morse code with services or other commercial interests, so long as they pertain to the unlimited possibilities that a Sham-Wow/OxyClean combination provides.

PostingID: 3P1CF41L

To[ward] the window…


WAKA Shame Bunt Pirates

I am really not sure what to say. My team should be ashamed of themselves…We played awful and no one came out to the bar…I was most upset about no one coming to the bar and soaking in tears and beers in sorrow. SO, this is my first official warning to everyone on my team; if you do not show up to the game mentally, you are hereby required to show up to the bar and by me a drink or three. Other than all that, we did great. Team, I love yall, now lets get this shit together and beat the crap out of Relax. See yall at 8.

— Rock


Kids in Rehab


After 2 weeks off, Kids In Rehab came back and it feels so good.  MVP goes to Zach for kicking a deep one into right center.  He wouldn’t have scored if Derek hadn’t slipped in the mud trying to get to second base.  It was muddy and slick but KIR managed to turn it on offensively with 7 runs.  Kudos to Lisa for the RKI to get Dube home and to the other 6: Minnie, Kim, Derek, Jon, Zach and Will.  Fielding was a little tricky with all the mud slides, but our defense prevailed and held them to only a few runs.  Regardless, we don’t give any birthday mercy, even if Cameron shared his keg of Mirrer Rite.  Thanks & I hope your first “L” of the season counts for a birthday spanking.



After a three-week hiatus from rain outs and hipsters taking over our city for south-by, The Freebasers were back in effect this week. We quickly rubbed the rust off our straws and got down and dirty. Literally. It was freakin’ muddy out there. WAKA Shame did a good job capitalizing off some of our early muddy mistakes, but in the end they were no match for BPs speed and some clutch city plays by our beautiful ladies. However the highlight of the night came after the buzzer had sounded, when Alex’s dog Lily laid out Desha’s dog Blue like Michael Huff knockin out Matt Leinart*. It was one of those painfully hilarious moments to watch. You know what I’m talking about. Who got the lighta’!

*No dogs were harmed during the writing of this post or during said events it depicts.


Walk OF Shame

What a game. I repeat: What. A. Game.

Somehow the ladies, and grown men, wearing pink managed to give the Walks all we wanted last week. Yes, Sex in the City damn near pulled off the shocker of the season. Their strategy was perfect. Bunt, bunt, bunt, and bunt some more. Then watch the Walks slide around that pig pen they called a kickball field. The girls in pink jumped on us early 3-0. The Walks managed to tie it up, but then lost the lead to them again 6-3. Then came the dramatic 3rd inning. The Walks pulled off a miraculous 7-run inning to go up 10-6, a lead that wouldn’t that be surrendered. It was one of the craziest games any of us have ever been a part of. Especially since we were going up against Sex and the City and the referee. Ladies and gentleman this weeks Enemy of Shame….
“Killa” Cameron Kushwara.
Thats right! This fool threatened to throw yours truly out of the game because HE made a bad call. Seriously?! Me?!? Dre?!!? Come on now. Explain to me the strike zone again. One foot (Not two) on either side of the plate, correct? Watch this guy closely people. Very closely. You’re lucky I like your tattoos! Anyway, Happy Birthday.
MVP of the week: None other than Louis “Charlie” Huynh. What in the hell got into you this week man? That is how you kick a home run. Can you do that every week please? It’s amazing the things you can do when you aren’t sleeping and watching scrambled porn at home.
Honorable Mention: Chris Hanten. This team has decided…. You don’t suck that much, dude. Glad you’re on the squad.
Lastly, Sex in the City cheated in flip cup. That is all.


El Chupacabra


I can prob speak for everyone in Chupacabra when I say my still jaw hurts from dropping so unexpectedly at the sight of our tied-game’s chug-off.
Trusty boozer, Mike Lusto, prob hasnt even shaken off the loss yet.. After leading the entire game, YLLINAD tied the match up at 2-2 in the last inning. Thus, with no doubt int our mind, we threw mike in for the kill. Little did we all know, YLLINAD pulled out their secret weapon, aka a girl, aka their pitcher, aka Ashley.. not to rag on my own gender, but did I mention she’s a girl?! Her beer was gone before regret was a thought in our mind. Touche.
Ashley, age 3, training..

Ashley, age 3, training..

On a better note, Chupa’s defense just keeps getting stronger.. muddy field and all. MVP for the game–hands down–goes to Sarah on third base. Maybe it was the firm grip of her Wellies? The booze in a paper bag? The hand-rolled cigs after each inning?.. Whatever it was, we liked it. She didn’t let a ball pass her. Way to go!

After we gathered ourselves from the unbelievable chugoff (seriously, like a car wreck).. we had a good turn out at the bar and finished the night undefeated in (too many games to count of) flipcup. Domination. Redemption. Serious inebriation. Wish I could elaborate more, Grant. It was a cloudy slaughter… all I can say is Ashley is by far the best drinker on your team.

Up next… Chupa takes on Kids in Rehab! (We don’t believe in rehab..)



You Look Like I Need A Drink


Hopefully the girls with fans and grapes didn’t distract you last week, because our GOLDEN GODDESS, Ashlee was in rare form.  Ashlee has stepped up to be quite the pitcher but this would prove to be just the beginning of her ass-kicked-ness.

YLLINAD found ourselves in a familiar position when we were down 1-0 for the majority of the game.  Props to Chupacabra for being down with the no bunting philosophy.  I know you guys out there love to give the ball just a slight kiss and then gingerly run to your base, but both teams were down to step up and smack that red ball like it was me and my stepdad (you’ll get the allusion when you meet me).

Our center field took a pounding early on and gave up the run.  I think Everyone did well to keep us in the game.  Before we know it, its the bottom of the 5th and thanks to yours truly for DOMINATING Lacy in the pre-game scissors match, we have the last at bat (kick?)  We got a few on base but “Chupa” was putting the hurt on us and we found ourselves with two on base and two outs, still losing.  I quickly performed a group prayer to the kickball gods, complete with sips of Budlight and they smiled upon my right foot and we got the tying run.  One out later we were tied, game over.

THIS IS WHERE OUR GODDESS CAME TO US and rescued us from the depths.  Ashlee decided to take on a chug off and represent us.  Halfway in the race seems even… a normal fight… And then… AND THEN…. Ashlee kills it.  Puts up her cup.  She’s done. We win (officially or unofficially, doesn’t matter).

Props to both teams.. We had a great time.  Don’t want to talk about flip cup, but I’m sure Lacy will fill you in on the details… ugh…


— Grant


Cereal Killers


Short and sweet this week.  I’ll be honest, I don’t remember much from Thursday night.  I know we lost 7-3.  That makes 37 consecutive times we’ve lost to Rehab.  We were missing some players.  Daniel had one of the coolest slide/dodge/mud/fall things I’ve ever seen.  Then he kept feeding me tequila shots.  I still haven’t gotten all the mud off.  For everyone who showed up, my team and others, thanks for drinking my alcohol and celebrating my birthday early with me.  If you did something really cool and I just forgot, I’m sorry.



As always, check out pictures on our Facebook page:


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This week’s schedule:


See ya’ll Thursday!!