WAKA Live – Week 5


Well K-ballers… March Madness may be over, but the real excitement is just beginning to churn up on the kickball fields. Week 5 involved MANY unpredictable wins, loses, and bruises. What will the next few weeks bring??



Good week everyone!!! Good to see everyone out at the fields and the bar. I have had many inquiries about the mid-season party and the end of season party. They are getting organized and yall will all be updated as soon as the plans are final. Get ready for a good/not very sober time. If you don’t drink, I want to see you put down a gallon of coffee, four 5 Hour Energies and three Red Bulls.
The games this week look very good. The rankings are very close and this week is the make-it or break-it for many teams. The game to watch this week or just to say repeatedly in your head is: Chupa Vs. Fupa…Even if this was a chess game, I would watch it based on the team names. So many comments come to mind….
Hope yall all had a great week and look forward to seeing yall out there thursday.
Peace, Love, Kickball
Quote of the Day: “Will you Chupa my Fupa?”


sooo happy

My Lovies,

Thank you, thank you for again coming out strong for our charity. I call Shoes for Austin every Friday with an update and the team there is so grateful and excited about our progress that it almost makes me cry. Those of you that know me know it doesn’t take much, but still, you are really impacting lives and it is awesome to see. We completely sold out again which means we raised about $80 or shoes for 4 more children here in Austin.

Also, on May 2nd, Shoes for Austin is also sponsoring a 5K (3.2 miles) walk/run. Here is the link to register ( http://www.myraceregistration.com/default.asp?LOC=%2FASP%2FHome%2Easp). If you want more details, find me at the fields. I am definitely going to run so if we want to get a group together and then hit up brunch afterwards, I think it could be a fun morning.

We are going to be out and about on the fields again this week so if you have a few bucks and like to get silly on Thursday nights, please find me or Lacy.

Thanks again for all of your support and good luck this week!!

~ Danielle



Hello Flip-cuppers,

Hey everyone! This is your Asst. Ref Jen aka Fruit Loops here to thank everyone who managed to make it to the bar this week to partake in our beloved game. Where else can you pound beer and yell at each other and not get arrested??

Okay, so first of all, let me say WTF people!?!? We had four teams that no-showed this week…FOUR! This sure made for a hectic night trying to get teams that WANTED to play match-ups! How hard is it to drive to the bar after the game? It’s just around the corner… Anyway, a big shout out to the troopers of El Chupacabra for stepping in and playing anyone who wanted to play. They were even playing against each other at one point in the evening. Now THAT’S dedication people! Relax better watch out!!

Here’s the way the scores will be tallied, you all know I’ve been on meds for at least a week so I didn’t write down the actual scores… sue me!!

Sweat N Balls vs Balls Deep – the rookie team took it

YLLINEAD vs  FreeBasers – I knew this score before I even got to the bar. We should   just rename the FreeBasers to the “Forfeiters”…

El Chupacabra vs Kids in Rehab – Chupa was there and ready with beer. Has anyone seen the Kids?? Anyone? Anyone?

Cereal Killers vs Sex in the City – Lacy stepped in to guest referee this game. CK was back at full strength this week. (Welcome back Rick) We showed Sex how three Jen’s and two guys can really put it down!! Kill! Kill! Kill!

WAKA Shame vs Relax  – WAKA was waiting for some retribution… I think Relax was afraid they would get beaten by the Bunt Pirates!

Balls Toward vs  Walk of Shame – Big Orange took this one by forfeit….BIG surprise!!

Sugarlumps vs  FUPAs – This was one of four actual matches… Sugarlumps killed it!! The boys from Flight of the Concord would be proud…

Red Rockets vs Dunder –  So Harley helped her team pull this one out by drinking some of the beer and flipping a cup with her tail. That dog is awesome!! E-licious took this loss hard…she’ll be looking for blood next week!!

That’s all I have for Week 5!! No team has an excuse not to come to the bar on Thursday night because Friday’s a holiday bitches!! Get yo asses to the bar kickballers!!

Thanks to all for keeping the beer flowing and the cups flippin’…

~ Jen – Assistant Flip-Cup Referee


Basic RGB

Wow.  Everyone is on the scoreboard now (Sugar Lumps and Sex and the City with the one-point for ties) You Look Like I need a Drink with a 5th inning explosion.  Six teams sitting at 2-2.

And we’re only half way home.

1. Relax and Let it Happen. “Relax = Untouchable.”  “Who will be the 1st team to give them a loss?  Prolly no one unless God and Jesus form a team, and then maybe.”

2. Red Rockets. “Who would’ve thought?”  “That loss to Balls Deep doesn’t look near as bad, and might have gotten them rolling.”

3. Walk of Shame. “Might not even need to play WAKA Shame, looks like that debate is already settled.”

4. El Chupacabra. “Shut out Rehab, impressive.”  “Even though they chupa the cabra, they are a good team out there.”

5. Cereal Killers. “Managed to turn a win into a tie against Sex.”  “That negative run differential is going to catch up to them.”

6. Balls Deep. “Weren’t they like 15th just two weeks ago?  Wow.”  “Starting to get the deep balls.”

7. Balls Toward the Wall. “Hang on, how did they rise two spots after losing a game?”  “It’s like they’re getting rusty the more they play, that’s kind of backwards.”

8. Freebasers. “Agreed not to bunt and it hurt them in the end.”  “Lost in the top of the 5th, ouch.”

9. Kids in Rehab. “How does THAT team get shut out?” “I think they’re saving it for the playoffs.  Playoffs?”  “Minnie’s good looks distract everyone.”

10. Dunder ResERECTION. “They need to live up to their full potential.”  “Entertaining to watch…”

11. WAKA Shame. “Was hoping they’d put up a better showing against Relax.”  “Good thing I didn’t take the points, Relax covered that spread and then some.”

12. You Look Like I Need a Drink. “Pulled off a ‘W’.  What?!??!”  “First a chug off, then a last inning comeback.  By the end of the year they might just lead from the 1st inning on.”

13. FUPA’s. “The bold and the beautiful.”  “I don’t care what the records say, I don’t want to play that team.”

14. Sugar Lumps. “They like to drink.  Enough said.”  “Why were their no chugoffs for the two ties this week?”

15. Sex and the City. “Impressive rally after falling behind in the top of the 5th.”  “YLLINAD tied last week, then won.  Are they next?”

16. Sweat and Balls. “How did they win a game again?”  “Keeping the games close at least, but they are heading in the wrong direction after that opening ‘W’”


And now, the standings as of Week 5…



Relax and Let It Happen


You know how for several years there in a row, Texas would make its annual death march up to Dallas to get throttled in the Cotton Bowl by Oklahoma?  Every year was like groundhog day, and yet Longhorn fans continued to allow themselves to get their hopes up only to be shattered by the Sooners.  There is general feeling of hopelessness that people usual alleviate by making sarcastic remarks so as to prepare themselves for the worst, even though they know when it ultimately becomes reality it will still cut just as deep.  My point here is that there is no rivalry between a hammer and a nail, and that relationship accurately describes our thorough dominance of all teams which are fielded by our league president Ryan Logue.  If you don’t know the history, we have beaten them in the last two tournament finals and once with only eight players.  It has become so one sided that members of their team openly lobby to join our juggernaut at the end of each season.

However, we reserve the rights to no such arrogance in flip cup.  This past week we did not even field a team that I am aware of at Jovita’s.  If only we had a team bus to take around so the thought of driving never interfered with the will to party.  We will have to right the ship if we want to truly leave an indelible mark on WAKA Austin.  It is time to win again goshdamnit!



Walk of Shame

I ain't too proud!

I ain't too proud!

There was some good that came about this week: The Walks won of course.

Then there was some bad: We left like a million people stranded in scoring position.

Then there was some ugly: The uniform color that Balls to the Wall wore this season. Fail. Way to dress like road cones!

But what was up with what you guys did after the game? Why were you sitting in a circle Indian-style for an hour afterwards? That was strange, and we’ll leave it at that.

Since we couldn’t do the flip cup thing last week, perhaps we’ll have a special showdown this week? Bring you and your balls to the bar and make it happen.

Co-MVP’s of the week going out to KiKi and Mizzy. You’re pretty much the best short stop in the league… defensively at least. I’ll put money on it. Also, the best pitcher in the league hands down is Mizzy. What a catch to make sure we won the game. That was pretty awesome. Hopefully there’s no long-lasting damage to your insides after making that catch.

Big game against a good team (I think) this week. If you aren’t good, my apologies.



Kids in Rehab


Chupas had us at Hello…

We had a run but it didn’t count…just a tap on the bababa-base would have helped to tie it up.  We had 3 awesome double plays which was pretty sweet – 2 of which MVP Jon “Magic Finger’s” Wagner took upon and made it look easy as a Sunday morning.  Dube got a little greedy and tried to turn a triple into a homerun but out of nowhere, SuperDave appears and pegs him out.  We really beat ourselves and even though they tried giving us the game, we just didn’t want to take it!  Chupas, you are a fun team, hats off to you!  However, watch out for their Curvy pitcher, he can fake you out.   One more thing, their 1st baseman likes to slam the ball on small Asians and knock her over just 2 feet away!!!  Here’s the aftermath:



Until next week, we face off WAKA Shame Bunt Pirates.

~The Bruised Asian & Greedy Beignet


We never die easy. In fact, we didn’t lose, we just let them win. I mean, for only a 20 minute game, we thought it was practice. Clearly, WAKA does not agree. Who knew!

I would like to personally blame three of the following:

1- The lack of bunting. Who DOESN’T bunt?! Balls To[ward] the Wall has not had their adequate amount of games bunting. And by that, I mean no games whatsoever. Nada. None. How does any team expect us to bring our A-Game 100%?

2- The name. WAKA Shame, Walk of Shame, Walking in Shame, Walking Shamefully… HONESTLY, guys, choosing names that sound even remotely similar in nature should not be done  [ahem] Rock…glad I got my throat cleared on that one.

and last but not in the very least:

3- The orange fro (of sorts). Josh thought that it would effectively distract them…but, CLEARLY he was wrong. Correction: mis-informed.

We might be forced to resort to some other form of guerrilla tactics (that are NOT against WAKA rules so help me God!)…or maybe we just need to start pounding back a few more beers.

Perhaps if the Jell-O shots this week were ORANGE this time around. . .

Next on the agenda: Relax and Let It Happen…

…they won’t know what hit ’em!

-The Biggest Midget In This Game

To[ward] the Window. . .




What happens when you try to be nice? You lose. Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Jesus…they were were all selfless people, and now they’re dead. (Currently losing at life). The Freebasers joined this altruistic team of losers last week when we also tried to be nice…we agreed to play kickball sans bunting! Our counterparts, You Look Like I Need a Drink, suggested the silly rule, and being the base-heads that we are, we ignorantly agreed to the madness. Not to take anything away from the victors, but that will never happen again. We will have our revenge soon enough. And when that glorious day comes, you can bet your sweet virgin ass that we ain’t gonna be so nice next time. Who got the lighta’!



Like I said last week, we don’t believe in rehab. After hearing so much about the team and their history in WAKA, and Dube’s phenomenal kicking abilities.. we shattered all expectations and took a well-needed win (shutout style!) over the Kids. It was a fun game.. especially when one of their players “missed” tagging home (whoopsie!!) inevitably leading to the “shutout heard ’round the field.”

Good job to everyone this week.. good communication and smart thinking lead to a great win! As well as Jesse really taking out Minnie on first with a dodgeball sort of method.. she’s just a little woman!! In other news, Raul redeemed himself with solid catching, Ryan pitched like an ace (but, managed to knock me on my ass during one play), and Super Dave ran fast…seriously, he’s really quick!

Lookin’ good, feelin’ good, the Chupa’s headed to Jovita’s and continued our excellence in the form of (too many to count) flip cup matches.. However, missing were the Kids. They must’ve had curfew..?

This week, a much anticipated matchup:  Chupa’s vs FUPAs @ 8pm!  [refer to Pres. Rock’s “Quote of the Day”]

Costumes, Keg(s), FUPAs.. oh my!!!



WAKA Shame Bunt Pirates


I am not sure what to say once again about our team play. The dreaded/roided Relax really put it to us as much as we beat ourselves. BUT, that is the past, and this is the future…Lets go out there, have some fun, as we are good at doing, and lets beat the ever living kickballs out of Dube and his group of misfits. Deal? Good to hear.
See yall Thursday.
— Rock


Cereal Killers


Some kind of Captain I am.  While my team was valiantly struggling against a good-looking group of Cougars, I was off drinking and cussing and being inappropriate.  So pretty much exactly the same thing I always do, but I was wearing matching socks.  At any rate, hats of to Rick for doing an outstanding job Captaining in my place.  He’s 1-0-1 on the season, when last year my fill in Captains were 0-4 and allowed 51 runs in four games.  And no, that’s not an exaggeration.  Neal kicked a homerun that hasn’t landed yet.  MVP to Amy and Whitney for bringing the brews.  This week I’ll be back to do what I do best:  drink and cuss and be inappropriate while wearing mismatching socks.

You Look Like I Need A Drink


Let’s just say that our first official win came to us just as a Talkboy II might have come to a youngster in the Christmas of 1990.  Hopefully you get the cheesy ass reference.  We were jubilated.. Thoroughly.  I’d like to give thanks to the Freebasers for being down with our gun slinging method of play and putting aside bunts for one game.  It was out of your norm and we appreciate it… especially since we won and all.  Ooops?

Things to mention:

1. Adam “the dirty water” Kohler made a crucial error that MAY or may not have been the cause of our one run scored against us… But no one is pointing fingers.

2. Bruce “the goose” Pomerleau was literally flying in the outfield and made a great sliding catch just as his kinfolk might descend upon an unsuspecting lake or pond.

3. Mason “the rock” Gemar was 2-2 on base and gave us the encouragement we needed to play like champs (rule no. 76 of course).

4. Steve “dear lord your foot is my hero” Johnson had a beautiful bomb down the third base line to get us three runs and our first win.  This feat cannot be talked about enough… lets just say… a few of us had to go from six to midnight.

5. Julia “skin is no delight” Laskowski bravely slid into second leaving the better part of her thigh on the field, I guess that’s just a tribute to her days of showing skin to win??

another mangled thigh.. (oh, the high price of kickball!)

another mangled thigh.. (oh, the high price of kickball!)

All in all great defense and a fun game.  The absence of light blue shirts lead to a win in flip cup for us, so we gave them a little feel good medicine by letting them take a victory at washers at Freddys [read: we got our asses kicked].  See ya’ll on Thursday… wearing stupid looking socks…




i just threw up in my mouth..

i just threw up in my mouth..

Exciting chug off tie breaker last week between FUPA-licious and SugarLumps to determine the winner of a great game!

The chug off was exciting!  It can be best described as the backwashers vs. the dribblers!  The FUPA chuggers may have had a spiddle of brewsky at the bottom of their sippy cups, but SugarLumps chuggers needed bibs.. We could run through a wringer to measure the beer spilt while chugging!  Lucky for us FUPAs, the ref agreed and ruled in our favor.  Burp!  The End!  And we all lived happily ever after.

We look forward to Thursday when the mighty scary ogre-like FUPAcabras prepare to go against the Chupacabras at 8pm!



Schedule for this week…


Don’t forget to bring money for yummy jello shots!!

click to view more photos from week 5

click to view more photos from week 5...

See ya’ll Thursday!


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