WAKA Live – Week 7, but actually 3.. is anyone counting anyway??

they're with lusto :)

they're with lusto 🙂


yes, he's back

yes, he's back


Good to see packed fields and what I heard, a great bar turnout. Thanks, as usual, for everyone coming out, having fun and playing your favorite sport (choose from kickball or flip cup). I had to go to a friends bachelor party and had to miss out on the bar, but an insider said it was “debauchery at its best…” Thats what I like to hear. I even got word that we had an individual retaste the beer he had engulfed in the previous flip cup games. I look forward to reading his (Relax’s) write up for the week. They may hold their own on the field, but look to be having trouble holding their own at the bar. Pick up the slack Mr. Meroney.

Also, we have two people joining the league Board; Grant from You Look Like I Need a Drink and Alana from Sweat N Balls. Welcome them with open arms, legs, or just give them a kiss. Either way, welcome guys and look forward to working with you.

On a similar note, we are also looking for another prospective President of the league. No, I am not stepping down as President, but next season will look a little different than this one. Between returning teams and new teams, we are going to surpass the WAKA limit for the amount of teams in a single league. Due to that, we are splitting the league into two divisions. Cameron will still overlook both leagues as a whole and I will be running the “Capital” division, but what we are looking for is a President to take over the current “Live” division.

If you are interested in getting involved come find me or Cameron at the fields and we can set up a time to meet up and “interview” you. Don’t worry you don’t have to of been a CEO or on the Board of a Fortune 500 company, just a have high school diploma (or GED if that’s your style), a good/motivated attitude and a love for the great sport of kickball. Cameron and I look forward to hearing from some of yall.

I have officially typed way too much and need a nap. With that said, I hope you had a wonderful week/weekend and look forward to seeing all your pretty faces out there this thursday. Yall take care now and have a good’n.

Rock, Out


Flip Cup People,

First of all, awesome showing at the bar! I think almost every team was there and ready to party. You guys are way fun and I heart you all. One little administrative note… Please coordinate amongst yourselves to find out if the team that you played is at the bar and if they are going to play flip cup. I will also try and figure it out, but when I am doing that, it stalls the games and everything gets all bogged down. Thank you in advance for your help!


Relax vs Kids in Rehab: Relax wins. For those of your fortunate enough to have missed it, please give Meroney a high five for being the first one to actually projectile vomit during a flip cup game. I am absolutely horrified still.

Balls Deep vs Walk of Shame : Walk OF Shame takes this one. Way to show up and come out strong. I like it.

Cereal Killers vs Red Rockets : Red Rockets wins this match up. This one is my bad, I started the game before the full Jen trifecta was ready. Next week I will have my shit together.

FUPA vs You Look Like I Need a Drink : YLLINAD takes another one. This is an avid group of alcoholics and I never cease to be impressed.

WAKA vs Sugarlumps : Sugarlumps both on the field and in Flip Cup. Time to get it together WAKA!!

Sweat N Balls vs Sex in the City : Sweat n Balls in a very rowdy (read, loud) way.

El Chupacabra
vs Freebasers : El Chu takes this one on a no show from Freebasers. I give Freebasers a lot of crap because you never participate, but thank you to Mark and to our new friend in the striped headband for helping to ref at the fields. That was nice.

Dunder vs Balls Toward the Wall : Balls to the wall…. My lovely assistant Jen reffed this one as it is hockey playoffs… WTF Elicious, what happened here?!

Thanks again for your enthusiasm… Season is winding down and the race is on to lock in the seeds for the tournament. Also, please keep your eyes and ears open for information on our mid-season party… Details coming soon.




Sooo, it looked really cloudy and gross on Thursday and we were pretty sure kickball was going to be rained out. We made no jello shots. EPIC party fail and we are sorry! This week we will be in full force and it looks like there will be a variety of flavors/liquors to choose from. Find us at the fields with your dolla dolla bills!

yes this is actually pudding, but you get the drift!

~ Danielle

Basic RGB

Yawn, Relax wins again.  Maybe we need to think out of the box.  What about spiking their drinks?  Going all Nancy Kerrigan and clubbing their knees?  I digress…  WAKA Shame continues their race to the bottom and YLLINAD is rising just as fast.

1. Relax and Let it Happen. “Best ever?”  [Juggernaut and Team America and Betty Fords might have something to say]  “Someone stop them please!”
2. Walk of Shame. “Someone needs to make them take that walk.”  “Two in the 5th to tie and baiting the other team into a rundown in the 7th.  Man’s game.”
3. Freebasers. “Young rookies with speed, no pun intended.”  “Smoked a good Chupacabra team.  Wonder if they got high off that?”
4. Red Rockets. “They made cereal soggy.”  “Inconsistency is worrisome.”
5. You Look Like I Need a Drink. “Freebasers, Red Rockets, FUPA’s.  That’s some good skins on the wall.”  “You Look Like you’re playing better.”
6. Cereal Killers. “Stalking their next victim, close your blinds.”  “Would probably do better in a ‘bowl’ system than a playoff.”
7. El Chupacabra. “Way to turn a season around.”  “That was a clinic about how NOT to play kickball.  Hope they got it all out of their system.”
8. Balls Toward the Wall. “Jonah is hot.”  “Should recruit a team of 100% lefties.”
9. Balls Deep. “Dominated for 4.5 innings.” “That defense is stout, but you can’t win every game by one run.”
10. Kids in Rehab. “Great job holding Relax down, better than anyone else so far.”  “Dube is hot.”
11. Sugar Lumps. “My Lumps, my lumps, my lovely Sugar Lumps.”  “Last week was nuts, can they make it two straight?”
12. Dunder ResERECTION. “They need a resurrection after that one.”  “For such a LOUD team, they went down awfully quietly.”
13. Sweat n Balls. “Maybe they just really love sex?”  “Say what you want, but a win is a win.”
14. FUPA’s. “No core work can rid them of their fupas.”  “If they only played four innings a game they’d have a great record.”
15. WAKA Shame. “Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.”  “They wear their last name well.”
16. Sex and the City. “Sex and Balls don’t mix.”  “Hopefully they are better at their name sake than kickball.”





Relax and Let It Happen


Hey Minnie, I guess three fingers works right?  As in the three runs we put on your dome last night.  Wasn’t this supposed to be a tough game?  After negotiating a no bunts game, we played what has to be the shortest, least exciting kickball game ever.  I believe our opposition had one baserunner.  I’d like to suggest reducing the amount of players a defense can field to nine if there is no bunting because I don’t want to bat in the first inning, then tie my shoes and pee in the woods and all the sudden it is the bottom of the fourth.  Jay was diabolical from the mound apparently with the aforementioned Kids in Rehab offense (or lack thereof).  Joey also launched another satellite that they were prepared for, kudos to your scouting department that we have the big guy who kicks it 75 feet farther than anyone else has ever contemplated.  We got some runs from the top of our lineup and Chris finally got pegged on one of his infamous baserunning displays.

Now for the funny part.  As has been a nagging trend, our girls all collectively opted out of Jovita’s.  To be honest, none of us wanted to play flip cup that bad either except for Jay whose enthusiasm was palpable.  So much so he bought our team Dos Equis to drink while playing flip cup.  This was after everyone but Jay just put down a full meal from Jovita’s (I recommend the food by the way, keep that in mind…).  Well I was full about to my esophagus but no excuses play, like a champion so I played some flip cup.  We rolled early but after watching Ty choke in the 3rd game I made the executive decision that I was going to need to clear some space.  At this point I vomited gratuitously in front of a crowd.  Punk or be punked.  After some extreme laughter and I’m sure varying levels of nausea from our opponents, we took the 4th game of our series and sealed the victory.  You could even say the puking was a gamesmanship tactic, as I doubt they were thinking of anything but how gross what I just did was.  Sometimes you just have to go that extra mile for your teammates…




Thankfully the rain gods got stuck in traffic long enough for us get our kickball fix for the week. Despite only 10 Freebasers showing up (the rest of the fiends must have passed out in a dark alley somewhere, or got lost trying to pawn some copper wire) we still played an outstanding game! Probably the best all around session of the season so far. Everyone stepped up when it mattered most.

Props to Darron for some clutch city kicking and sticky-finger handiwork at first base. Respect to Brandon for his hustle and hip red lifeguard shorts from high school. Much love to Lauren for her hot pink-striped knee-highs. And thanks to Katie Neal for deciding to get out of bed and show up to the game. Everyone else, you’re cool too.

With the playoffs upon us, all we can say is the rest of y’all better watch your backs. Because there’s nothing more dangerous than a bunch of Freebasers with nothing to lose! Who got the lighta’!



I ain't too proud!

Ya know, one day most all of you will look back and say, I was somewhere else when Walk of Shame defeated Balls Deep. Some of you at Jovita’s. Others of you at the other field, watching two other boring teams play a boring game (looking at you Relax and Rehab). And for that, your lives will forever be incomplete. Oh well. The other 22 of us will always have the memories.

  • A GIRL kicking the ball over Kia’s head.
  • Watching Kia run under the ball as it sailed over his head.
  • Throwing some fool out at the plate thinking he had a home run.
  • Coming back in bottom of the 5th from two runs down to take it to extra innings.
  • Miya’s shoestring catch at thirdbase!

And no one will ever forget Jorge’s crazy play. He rounds 1st base and getting caught in a rundown, creating a diversion so Mizzy could score at home behind the teams back and take the game in the bottom of the 7th inning. At the end of the day, Walks win.

Chest bump!!


Co-MVP’s of the Millenium: Jorge and Mizzy. These two will forever go down as legends in the Walk of Shame franchise.
Honorable Mention: Miya. What a catch. You’re on the verge of being a superstar, and nobody even knows it yet

Then we got our swagger back in flip cup, 3-0. I think the next step is to finally settle the score with the team who had the cult meeting after our game, Balls Toward the Wall. And I’ll sweeten the pot. If you guys beat us, ill buy your whole team a round. What do ya say?

This weeks game should be very loud… We play Sweat n Balls. Early prediction…. Walks win 8-1.

Holler if you hear me,



Kids in Rehab


We played very well last night.  3-0 to the 2 time defending CAPITAL champs is very impressive.  There were great plays on both teams.  We had 2 base runners all night (Jon and Will).  Our defense was solid.  Kim made a great catch and double play.   Steve took a catch in right center that slapped him in the face. Zach had an awesome catch that prevented a sure homerun.  Jon threw the guy out  just a few steps from home plate that thought he could turn a single into a homerun.   Relax also won the close match in flip cup but at least our team member didn’t puke what looked like oatmeal then put a plant to cover it up.  Ew…

Basically it’s like comparing apples to oranges.  If the Celtics played the Tar Heels, you would expect the Celtics to win since they are NBA champs and Tar Heels are NCAA champs. Or if the Gators played the Steelers same outcome!!   Well that is what we had last night when KIR (4 time LIVE champ) went up against Relax and Let it Happen (2 time Capital champ).  They were expected to win and did win. Congratulasians on your victory.  LIVE and CAPITAL were separate for a reason and once that happens again we will be back where we belong.

We’ve gone around Austin, TX and have a signed petition to bring back the real LIVE!




I’m a little late writing this so feel free to skim over my less than witty banter.  We played Fupa.  We had fun.  This I know.

It was the battle of defenses out there as we were 0-0 going into the top of the 5th.  Some mentions before I get into the glory of this inning include:

  • Krystel getting on base.  Not sure how it happened, but my heart was glad.
  • We stuck by our guns and all got thoroughly intoxicated.  Except for a few losers who don’t really matter in the long run always… because they’re losers.
  • Greg didn’t show up again.  That guy is the Enigma for so many reasons.  Be weary of him if you meet him.
  • Our girls rule.  Not sure what they did to deserve that, but I think they rule.

End of Flashback… Stupid Acid trip… Always messes up my gmot write-ups..

So it’s the top of the 5th.  Our fearless captain steps up to the plate and he looks really really sexy.  I… I mean “he” gets on base, probably by some fuddle… who knows.  Adam’s up next, another on base.. I slid for no apparent reason but have a cool pic to prove how manly I am.  Im sorry but I dont know who else got on base.  We scored four runs.  Stellar defense kept them to 1 run in the the bottom of the 5th and YLLINAD is on a killer streak.

(really grant? its like a papercut compared to kate's..)

(really grant? its like a papercut compared to kate's..)

Bar… Flip Cup… One and done… Thanks to the fupas for being both fun and reminding me of the grossest party of anaotamy I can possibly think of.



Cereal Killers


WTF?  In the 1st inning, we had the bases loaded, no outs, and managed one run.  Then we had them two outs, nobody on base, and they rallied two separate times and scored.  Suddenly we’re dead, 4-1.  I still don’t know how it happened, and then we threw up in our own mouths at Flip Cup, gave away a 2-0 lead.  We tried to figure out what happened, but other than channeling our inner Chicago Cubs we got nothing.

Hats off to Pugs, scoring on his birthday.  That’s two straight weeks now, we just get folks lucky on their special days.  Jenn and Vivek rocked out the offense, both perfect.

We have things straightened out this week.  I’ve instituted a vigorous training program involving different cups, different beers and multiple repetitions.  We’re going to have to win two Flip Cup matches on Thursday to make up for it.  We’re going to make the other team’s livers cry.  We’re going to redeem ourselves and stand up on the table and shout…  Wait, there’s a kickball game too?  Screw it, we’ll figure that out as we go.



What. A. Game.

Happy birthday again to our old men, Adam & Lusto.. Lusto didn’t play and I’d bet that Adam doesn’t remember. Although a terrible loss and slap of reality on our steady climb up the ladder, we had a blast. Especially those that started the party early with us, good times! Games of washers and grilling out followed by tequila shots.. Ahh,  a winning combination… if we won the game. Maybe it was all that distracting Freebaser talk of “grab the foil, you’re up to kick” and “lighta’ ” nonsense… Hey bet ya can’t guess who won flipcup??

Also this week, happy early birthday to Ryan and Dos, and by Dos I mean Drew Holst. Drew Holst. Drew Holst. (Look! Your name made it in here THREE times! Big man on campus you..)

This week, the time has come. We take on Relax. (GASP!) The kickball Gods can’t postpone this one any longer. I’d like to challenge my team to grab this game by the balls and win that bottle of whiskey. There has been no one yet.

relax, we're rabid and on the loose

relax, we're rabid and on the loose



It was just splendid(!) ending the evening with a big 6-0 win, followed by killing the jug of Sangria. Personally, I think Dunder was blown away by Joe’s mad base running skills. Our team captain made several strategic moves, involving several forms of trickery. It was a rather rowdy game, with screams heard all around, but only mainly from Dunder. To[ward] the Window…



WAKA Shame Bunt Pirates


Well, we lost….AGAIN. This time to a winless team. Makes me feel even better. But, enough reminding myself of how my team played. Now, I have to congratulate the beautiful Sara Moore and her group of misfits for a great game. They battled it out to the end and got the W. I hope to see them prosper through the rest of the season and hope hell freezes over and they put it to Relax for a victory. Good luck Sugarlumps, I wish yall the best.



Before I get to the good stuff, I think a shout-out to Mary is in order.  She definitely ROCKED the game day jersey!!!!
As far as the game went, well…. I can not believe that Sweat and Balls’ two wins are against one of the most underrated teams in WAKA!  Lucky?  Just maybe!  SITC definitely has their act together but we just seem to keep missing out on key scoring opportunities.  OUR TIME IS DUE!!  Play-Off time is near.  With two games left in the regular season I think we need a new strategy.

For every run our opponents score, SITC will take a shot as a team.  I hope the charity shots are plentiful.  If not, I hope everyone enjoys tequila!

Ooooh. I can’t forget to mention Bernie.  We officially have our very first addition to the Injured Reserved List.
With an heroic attempt to make an all-star play, Bernie blew out his knee.  OUCH!!!   It’s okay, he went down in good fashion.

As for flip cup, let’s give props to the good guys.  Tara, Mary, Mandy and Darren.  I thought Mark was in attendance but
some would have their own opinions.  We had a two-round surge dominating S&B.  I honestly don’t think they made it down their entire line.  Oh well, I guess they had the luck of the Irish taking us the remaining three rounds.  I personally was distracted/disrupted by someone on the opposing team.  Anything to win, right?



See you all on the fields for our last regular season game!

(Remember, week 3 on the schedule..)


Don’t forget to bring your dolla’ bills…

Bill Cosby wants you to buy and consume jello and help those rugrats!!

more pictures on our Facebook page... upload your own!

more pictures on our Facebook page... upload your own! Just don't ask about this...


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