WAKA Live – Last week of games


With playoffs upon us, this season of WAKA Kickball in Austin in winding down. Thanks to all that made it out to our Sunday Funday. Everyone had a blast… clearly, everyone. Check out the Facebook page for more pictures.. And many thanks to Lisa from FUPA, Kari from WAKA, and Minnie the KID for submitting most of the photos this time. Nothin’s better than blasphemous “did that really happen???…” documentation 🙂

Good luck to everyone during playoffs.. party’s not over yet!

–Lacy, GhostWomanOnThird


Live President Rock
What’s happenin kickballers? Everyone doing ok? Still hungover from Sunday? Good to hear. Between last weeks’ games, the second kickballer to puke at Jovita’s, and the midseason party, it was one hell of a great week for WAKA Austin. If you missed the midseason party, well sucks for you. Between the great turn out, beer, the long ball contest, great weather and bbq it turned out to be a hell of a good time. I want to personally thank everyone who did come out and hope yall had as much fun I did. I haven’t received the official numbers from accounting, but it looks like we raised nearly $100 for the kids. Thats 5 more kids with some pretty sweet sneaks thanks to us. Congratulations to Rich from Sweat N’ Balls and Erika from Sex N` the City in winning the long ball contest. Everyone get ready for the end of season party June 6th downtown doing a combination scavenger hunt/ bar crawl/race. Emails will be sent with specifics on the event.
Get ready for the playoffs this week and fight for your right to play next week. Good luck to everyone. The tournament is single elimination, so everyone bring your A game, maybe replace the beer with Gatorade before hand (vodka optional) or just stretch for the first time and hope to see you out there in the second round of games. The schedule will be listed later in the GMOT.
Hope to see some upsets, taken down rivalry and quality (not yelling at me when I ref) kickball. Have a good one guys and take care.





This week was awesome, thank you to everyone for coming to the bar and being ready to crush each other on the flip cup table. I think this was one of the best weeks to date in terms of people showing up and being ready to play. I really appreciate your enthusiasm as we wind down the season!

Here are your stats:

Cereal Killers vs Balls Toward

Cereal Killers struggled this week and Balls Toward the wall capitalized on the missing Jen. Time to put the peddle to the metal CK’s only one week left to secure your seed!

Balls Deep vs El Chupacabra

I am thinking that El Chu might be a favorite for the tournament this season. These people are unafraid and have smashed almost all of their competitors. They also sealed it up at King of The Hill. Good work guys!

Relax vs Red Rockets

Red Rockets beat up on some Relax and Let it Happen. I think Relax better step up their drinking before next week, just sayin.

Dunder vs Kids in Rehab

DUNDER. I am loving this team more and more each week. Great work guys (and chupa!)

WAKA vs Walk of Shame

Dre, you put up a mean fight, but you can stop talking shit right about now! Ryan got us in the mood with a chug off at the fields and the party continued at Jovitas. Nice work!

Sex in the City vs FUPAs

FUPAs are another favorite each week and can everyone please give Lisa some love? Girl has been playing with a broken finger and is still schooling you all at Flip Cup!

YLLINAD vs Freebasers

YLLINAD wins… I mean, look who they were up against. Duh.

Sugarlumps vs Sweat

Sugarlumps has been one of those sleeper teams that as the season closes up has started bringing some serious heat. I love it and I am excited to see what yall can do at the tournament.

Great work guys! Please check GMOT next week for your Flip Cup seeds and bracket.

Love ya, mean it.

~ Danielle


Great work this week guys!!! We are rapidly closing in on our NEW goal. You all have been so generous that our new goal is double what we originally set and we are only about $100 away from hitting it. You should all feel really proud of yourselves because you are making a huge difference in the lives of kids here in Austin. With the economy in the tank, those who were on the edge before now have even less and through your generosity, we are going to be able to make a whole bunch of kids super excited.

A special thank you to everyone who came out for the mid-season party and to those who participated in the Home Run Derby. Big congrats to our winners (pictured above), yall rocked it out. If anyone owes us money for shots or HR Derby, please find me on Thursday. I am taking the money in on the 15th so I need to be sure that we are all squared away.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your support, I really appreciate it!!

~ Danielle


Standings going into playoffs:



Relax and Let It Happen

I’ll first address our controversial forfeit loss to finally put the issue to bed.  We had non-roster girls in town from Seattle playing with us in order to field a full lineup.  By no means were these girls ringers, neither of them had even brought tennis shoes and they were playing in clothes they brought down as pajamas.  Very early on it was repeatedly suggested to El Chupacabra the different ways they could force us to forfeit by President Logue, who was serving as the home plate umpire.  They were not interested in forfeiting even when our own teammate joined the cause and practically begged them to make us forfeit, a mystifying reverse psychology tactic carried out by our extremely inebriated gentle giant, Joey(let’s be honest here, the league could form an all star team and pick out four sweet little ladies from a local retirement community and we would win…comfortably).  However, as it became apparent we were absolutely going to win, the forfeit idea really seemed to pick up steam.  The last straw happened when one of our girls who was supposed to just watch got onto the field for a half inning and never batted.  Nevermind the fact that she and a dead body could have performed the same function in that inning, that was of little importance.  While impacting the game itself in no way whatsoever, she did have a dramatic impact on the outcome.  Still not sure why we were forced to retroactively forfeit after the offer was repeatedly refused during the game, but news came down from the top and we were forced to accept a semi-defeat.  You will all pay dearly for their transgressions in the playoffs.

Now to the game we played last night.  Look, Red Rockets, it was nothing personal.  We really felt like a team who had been burned the week before and had a lot to prove.  We even let the power poll rankings get into our heads, conveniently forgetting that our own teammate is responsible for those polls.  Joey’s motivational ploy worked almost too well really for a team full of college graduates.  From the first pitch until the last inning we were taking no prisoners and making no friends.  In fact Jay was so fired up that he wasn’t even really that nice to his own teammates last night.  Chris Miller set the tone in the first inning with a bases clearing laser beam down the right field line and there was no let up from there.  Our pitching and defense was not stellar, although it was sharp enough to never allow a runner past second base for the entire night.  The Red Rockets featured one WAKA league t-shirt in a full lineup.  We of course did not care to raise any sort of fuss as we were winning handily but in the playoffs they may run into a team who questions the integrity of their roster.

As far as I know we did not make the trip to Jovita’s because of various levels of lameness inside the team, me included.  However as I type this I am realizing I owe Danielle money for jello shots.  My donation this coming week will feature interest, I promise.

Finally I would like to use the end of the season to give out our first edition of team awards:

MVP: Justin Grady – Using a lethal combination of speed, quickness and relative sobriety Justin terrorized the league on a weekly basis both as a table setter for the most potent offense since the ’05 Longhorns but also as the best defensive catcher in Austin WAKA history.  Go ahead and bunt, you will be out by three steps.  We ended the season with 50 runs and I would be willing to bet Justin had his fair share of them.  By the way, Hunter still thinks he should be hitting leadoff.

Gold Glove: Hunter Coleman
– Playing a hybrid position I like to call “steal anything and everything from being fielded by a girl,” Hunter used his ball-hawking safety skills to track down balls all over the left side of the infield every week.  Still needs some work on the phrase “I got it!” but that will come in due time.

Silver Slugger: Joey Thomas – There were times this year when Joey kicked balls that weren’t so much soaring into the sky as they were orbiting the Earth.  Seriously, I did not see another player kick a ball within 75 feet of the balls Joey could put out there.  His ability to punish a kickball is not completely about his sheer size, but if we were in little league Joey would need to show his birth certificate in every game, maybe every inning.

Spirit Award: Lindsey Loso – She may seem like she is somewhere off in a galaxy far, far away while roaming the outfield and for someone who claims to have never lost a race in high school her stride is a bit more of a frolic than a sprint.  However, Loso never missed a game and entertained us endlessly with her nearly biographical walk-up song as well as constantly positive attitude while facing no shortage of negative reinforcement from the guys on the team, especially the one who pitches.

Now it is time to 3-peat, see you all in the playoffs.

(does this make anyone else so NOT relaxed?)

(does this make anyone else so NOT relaxed? count to ten...)


And now, the “shameful” battle…


Walk of Shame’s conclusions from this past week….

*We don’t like to bunt.

*Bunting is for teams with Napoleon’s Syndrome (Relax, Thieves, and anyone else who bunts…)

*The Thieves aren’t much better at bunting than we are.

*The Thieves uniforms are still the ugliest in the league, right in front of DUNDEEEEERRRRR.

*I should have never agreed to chug a beer against Rock. (Although it was close)

*Our pitcher was sexier than theirs.

*The thieves would lose that game 9 out of 10 times.

*We are SO ready for the playoffs.

*We are still the Original Walk of Shame.

*If it wasn’t for the blunder of the year: a throw to an empty 2nd base in the first inning, the thieves would have lost!!!

*We finished as the Live team with the best record. Where is our cup?!!?

MVP: Congrats to Ethan for finally doing SOMETHING this season and scoring. We are expecting greatness out of you, son. Keep it up.
Honorable Mention: Cindy. Only the best 2nd baseman all season long.

Playoff Predictions for this week…

Walk of Shame – 7

Sweat n Balls – 0

Also….Upset alert.


Thieves – 1

Vegas says Walk of Shame is 5-1 odds to win the whole thing. Do you believe in miracles?! YES!



WAKA Shame Bunt Pirates

Hmmmm….Where to begin? What to say? I mean, its hard…I want to be nice. I really do. Between the facebook posts, GMOT write ups, and very not so subtle comments on the field and elsewhere..  So I am going to try and do this as subtle as possible. We won. Andre lost at the chug off to decide if we bunted. Do NOT let him try to tell you differently. Watch it and be the judge.
He will say that they had us the other 4 innings, they lost. It was good play by both teams, however when my team scores more than your team we get the “W” and yall get the letter after “K.”
Since this was a game for the name/ages, whats yalls plan? Negotiations? I can work something out that has to do with the bar. Hmmm…hmmm…?
See you thursday, bring a contract.
By the way, good job my team. I love you all like a mother fucker. lets win this thing.


Kids in Rehab


Kids beat Dunders in a (bee) stinging 6th inning

First of all, we like to thank Andre for reffing our game.  We love ya, man!  And for all of you out there, if you get stung by a bee, don’t let this man near you. I kid.

Dunders take a quick but short lead.  Drew and Jeff must have taken some speed as for some reason, they decided to outrun Kim & Jennifer on the bases.  It caused Jennifer to take a dive into 3rd, leaving her nothing but a grassy ass.

We finally woke up and took the 3rd and 4th innings – 3 up, 3 down style.  We probably could have had the game but the Kids were pushing to get Minnie a homerun.  Man!  She was just A STEP away from touching the plate!!!  Her dream of a homerun is dead.  Game: Tied 1-1….with time remaining, we agreed on another inning.

Kids allow no runs in the 6th.  We’re up on deck, bottom of the 6th, one man on base, 2 outs….what could happen??? It’s like the Celtic vs. Bulls game in the 3rd OT.  Ok, may be not.  All we need to do is score!!!  No one wants to kiss their freakin’ sister!  Drew kicks it low, Jon kicks it to the sweet spot in RC then Carrie “I’m a pirate” Gilson follows suit creating the run for Jeff.  Gilson, you go girl!!!!  ARRRRGGHHH!!!!

Thanks to all for the remedies for a bee sting.  I am surprised to find out that urine is also.  Interesting.

Next up again, El Chupacubra.  Everyone remember the curvy pitcher, touch the base and don’t kick it to SuperDave. 🙂



Tupac always used to tell me, “revenge is the sweetest thing next to getting <insert expletive inappropriate for WAKA>.”

Not sure it beats boiling up your first for the day, but it definitely is sweet! Why we played You Look Like I Need a Drink for the second time instead of one of the many teams we have not played yet is unbeknown to us, but that’s cool, because it gave us the opportunity to seek that sweet nectar called revenge.

In case you forgot, we gave YLLIND their first victory of the season in an ugly display of buntless kickball a few weeks back. We claimed we would have our revenge, and sure enough we did. Our opponents played well, but they were no match for our love of speed, stellar pitching and Alex’s impeccable ability to hug the ball before it hit the ground. A solid game all around.

And what better way to celebrate a revengeful victory? How about a dominating performance by the Houston Rockets to advance to the second round of the playoffs! To that, I say…who got the lighta’!


el-chupacabraLast game, and we tied. Down a couple players, enduring some sketchy plays, and going against our own Super Dave..

Player with the Most ❤ = Kate Talbot herself. Never afraid to “do what you gotta do.” Sliding into 2nd, without a 2nd thought, she reopened some nasty wounds from the costumed game 3 weeks ago and was bleeding everywhere. Seriously, looks as if her leg was ravaged by a Chupacabra!

Most Surprising Player to (finally) Show in the Outfield = Lusto, the legend. That was a fantastic catch you made and you shocked everyone by taking the field and not, i dunno, boozing on the sideline and losing chugoffs. Wait..

Best Survivor Player = Amanda Van Ast. Blocked by an orange player on her run to home (yes, she made it THAT far!!) she blew past him seemingly uninjured…but pissed. Sick ’em, sick ’em!

Good playing guys, even considering SuperDave got most of us out, there were some awesome plays made, namely the Steinbacher sibling teamwork catch, and not my “throw” to second…  But as always, one-and-done! Flip those cups!

See ya on the field KIDS!

p.s. no comment about the hot air above (see Relax writeup). We didn’t want it to be like that. But decision made. Old news, Puke-meister.


Cereal Killers


Man, Thursday was a long ass time ago.  I know we were playing against 8 and a half members of Balls Towards the Wall.  I remember that we graciously gave them three runs to tie the game hoping for more kickball, since we had time left and we’d played so fast.  I recall their acting Captain rudely refused our overture for more kickball.  Ingrate.  I mean, who DOESN’T want more kickball?  And I have the vivid recollection of Danielle hitting her knees at 2nd base in an effort to persuade the other team to uh, you know…

Congrats on Jen McNabb scoring again, that’s like three times you’ve scored this year.  Hussy.

Playoffs start this week and we’ve definitely been saving our best for then.  Our best socks.  Best alcohol.  Most inappropriate chants.  Best everything.  You Look Like You’ll need several drinks when we’re through with you.



you can figure out who's who..

you can figure out who's who..

I really hate writing the GMOT when we’ve lost.  It’s like writing those “mediators” in junior high.  You know, at lunch detention, you’d be in the room with your teacher eating something that smells like cat vomit… She turns the lights off so you can’t see just to be a huge you know what… you’re writing “I’m a dumbass, I shouldn’t talk in class” a thousand times and it makes you want to hurt puppies or bunnies or something….  That’s how I feel.

Freebasers exacted their revenge on us by bunting their selves to victory.  For some reason our legs must be stuck on 11 and we can only a) kick fouls or b) kick sky balls.  That was not beneficial.

Krystel was badass and got on base, making the momentum for our 1 run.  I have no idea who kicked that run, but I know I like them.  Oh ya.. we were short some players?  Can I use that as an excuse know?  Some over thrown balls and a lack of coordination from us (maybe the getting too drunk thing has lost its nostalgia) and we lost the game.

Freebasers + flip cup =  a world of hate.  Therefore we played Chupa and beat them.  That was nice.  Because they’re all huge losers.  And who doesn’t like beating up a loser?  I know everyone at my high school did, bc this guy got beat up like he was a punching bag.  Kicked like a hacky sack, dropped like a sack of rotten tomatoes… and the list goes on.  I kid… kind of.

Hope that was random enough for all of you kickballers.  See ya in the playoffs BIAAATCHES!!





…’nuff said.





Ok last week You look like I need a drink had their way with us on GMOT even though they “officially” lost at flip cup.  So we are not letting another team bully us on GMOT…Sugar Lumps is striking back. Sweat n Balls…no we did not want to play another scoreless inning..no this does not mean we forfeit or that we don’t believe in our team…this just means we were done with you and were more interested in moving on to the bar where we could destroy you in flip cup. Yes I said it destroy.


Sex and the City


We are now officially winners!!! Because it was our last game of the season we had multiple reasons for wanting to win: 1) Bernie tore his acl the previous game, so we wanted a win for all his effort – and the pain he will be enduring for while 2) We had not won a game yet 3) Make the fact that the entire team has become babysitters for Jaden during the game justified.

This past Thursday, April 30th, the moon aligned just right, the wind blew in the right direction and our team full of first time kickballers got it all together.  We communicated, we kicked, we bunted, and most importantly scored some runs.  We had a solid defense.  Yael make a great catch near second, Rachael played an outstanding game at first while Rob made bullet like throws from shortstop, even stopping to play a basketball for a minute.  Everyone came out to win – Mary (even though she was sick), Tara as a first time catcher, Cassie, Mark, Crystal, Carlos, Sara, Aida playing the field like pro’s.  Overall it was a great game against the FUPA’s – great sportsmanship on both teams.

Now – with a win under our belt – we are ready for the playoffs!!!




After losing to Sex in the City, our only braggin’ can come from beating them in Flip Cup..oh well!  See ya’ll thursday!

–Lisa, Capt. of the… drum roll please… this week’s team name is… Swine FLUpas!!!


Playoffs – Week 1



Freebasers(2) vs Sex & the City(15) – Tree Field

WAKA Shame(5) vs Dunder resERECTION(12) – Power Field


Walk of Shame(3) vs Sweat n Balls(14) – Tree Field

El Chupacabra(6) vs Kids in Rehab(11) – Power Field


Relax & Let It Happen(1) vs FUPAs(16) – Tree Field

Red Rockets(4) vs SugarLumps(13) – Power Field


Balls Deep(7) vs Balls Toward the Wall(10 – Tree Field

Cereal Killers(8) vs YLLINAD(9) – Power Field


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