WAKA Live – Playoffs – Final Round

To see all the pictures taken at the playoffs, follow the link below. Thanks to Nicole:)


Thanks to everyone that came out for our last game of the season. It was a blast. And a special thanks to all the kickballers that got together and donated to Sarah’s Surgery Fund. We raised over $600 for her, and it is MUCH appreciated.

Great season everyone! Hope to see each and everyone of you back for the summer league!


WAKA Live – WInter Season Champs… none other than:

Relax and Let It Happen

Another magical season came to a close last night at Gillis Park.  Thanks to the league for providing the keg behind the tree and I am proud to say we contributed to the jello shot cause.  It’s a real honor to now have a piece of the namesake of the league trophy, now referred to as the Relax Cup.  Special thanks to Lacy for playing with us, even though simply being forced to stand on our sideline seemed as though it was going to make her violently ill.  Initially I was worried that she thought we were all bad people but I learned she mostly means Jay.  After he barked at one of us for something I cannot even remember she turned to me and said, “I keep waiting for laser beams to shoot out of his eyes!”  So do the girls on our roster, Lacy.  And now for some game recaps.
First up for us was “You Like Like I Need a Drink” who absolutely believed they could beat us last night.  It was almost kind of cute.  Much respect for bringing your own music out.  We even threw the ball around enough to allow them in for a run.  Loso went down in a heap after a tag play at home with what appeared to be a hyperextended knee.  At first we of course made fun of her for not only being out by a mile but falling on her face immediately afterwards.  Then, when it was apparent she was in fact crying, we realized it was more serious than we all thought.  However, if you think Loso is going to let a wounded knee get between her and a championship you are dead wrong.  Not only did she come out in the field so that we could play our full compliment of dudes, but she even kicked strictly sacrifices which actually got her on base once or twice.  Other than Lindsey, and a beautiful relay to home between me, Jay and Justin, it was a very lackluster effort. We will just chalk it up to nerves as the three-peat was important to all of us.  YLLINAD’s catcher made repeated great plays on our bunts which kept a lot of runners off the basepaths, nice work out there.
Next up came our old arch rivals which go by a different name every season but always feature the same cast of characters.  A solid, veteran group but when they play us they might as well be the Washington Generals.  They did a remarkable job of limiting our explosive offense with smart fielding but we maintained a comfortable lead that lasted throughout.  Renee began a two game stretch of some of her best kickball of the season in this game (minus trying to field the ball with her feet).  Honestly all of our girls contributed mightily last night.  Nancy was a little gun-shy at first out there but once she realized the big red ball was the one we were playing with she worked out a nice little relay routine with Hunter.  Big Stacy also contributed a few clutch RKI’s in the last inning to push the final to 4-0.  Eliminate you next year, Rock!
Finally, the matchup we had all been waiting for…or the game where everyone hoped someone would finally beat us so they gathered around the field.  The Freebasers have no shortage of speed (I think this sentence could be a veiled drug reference looking at it but I am not all that familiar with what you can and cannot freebase.  I’ll do some extensive research in the offseason).  We knew our hands would be full but it did not take long to get some runs on the board.  Seemingly every inning the Freebasers applied pressure with their offense but we never cracked and managed to get through five innings allowing only one run.  In case no one has noticed yet here, we are fucking good.  We had pushed the lead to 4-1 when the lights literally went out on us, causing about a fifteen minute delay.  Once we got the lights up and running again (thanks Cameron) we recaptured our focus and then tacked on three more runs to push the final margin to 7-1.  There was bried pandemonium around the mound and we got to hoist our new trophy, one named for our accomplishments.
See you all in the summer where we might possibly be debuting a developmental team.
Now for a few closing words from Ron Artest:
“Uh, wow. I understand it’s the playoffs. I remember when I used to play back home in the neighborhood there were always games like that. I remember one time, one of my friends, he was playing basketball and they were winning the game. It was so competitive, they broke off a piece of leg from a table and they threw it and it went right through his heart and he died right on the court.”

Kids in Rehab

Kids “bunted” in the end, barely miss the finals AND Andre’s still crying…

Having your ass handed to you before the start of the season.  Not so great.
Coming back with a vengence as the #11 seed.  Amazing.
Listening to Andre cry about the supposed “blindside of the year”. Priceless.
As of Tuesday, 5/19/09:
Great season Kids in Rehab, we were the only true Live team standing in the top 4 teams.  We surprised Walk with our strategic move, gave Freebasers a run for their money and came out strong in the end.  We’ll miss Marc Dube, who will take off the summer season and prepare for the little guppie to arrive.
Have a great summer and don’t ever change.

P.S.  Did you know “Bunting is one step above communism”?

andre status

Et tu Brute?
And the Walks sing….
*Should we give up, or should we just keep chasing pavements, even if it leads nowhere…*
We are sad. Rehab joined the dark side. Brutus. Iago. Benedict Arnold. Aaron Burr. Anakin Skywalker. Dube. Minnie. They’re all the same. Traitors. Our hearts hurt. I even briefly retired after the game. You blindsided pretty much our entire team, but you will pay. You’ll have to see us in the summer. And you can’t hide behind the b— ( I won’t even say the word).Even the Colts had to get by the Patriots at some point. You’ll see. And I still haven’t forgotten about your beer. Oh well, we still love you guys. You guys played great. And the game was amazing. Truly, it was everything a Walks-Rehab game should have been, minus the final score and the b—. And we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.
Technically Rehab leads the series 3-2…. But we are going to throw a little something to the end of that final tally… So Rehab leads the series 3-2*.
On to our team….
Slob – This was your best season yet. Next season try to stop working out, being big only slows you down. Ask me, I’ll tell you all about it.
KiKi – Playmaker. Keep that arm. Get new shoes. (MVP)
Kia –  Solid Outfielding. Can’t lie. Now about that reffing….
Louis – Self proclaimed, “best kicker, runner, thrower, and fastest on the team”, but look who the MVP is. (Most improved)
Jorge – No one will ever forget you baiting SuperDave into throwing the ball at you and letting Mizzy score. Most knowledgable player in the outfield by bar. Monster leg too.
Chris H.- Not bad for a rookie year. You fit right in this season, and everyone on the team was happy you were around. Expecting Big things in June.
Ethan – When it comes to speed, you could be the fastest on the team. You’re a mortal lock for the Most Improved in the summer.
Cindy – You saved us in the playoffs, and don’t you ever forget that. We won’t.
Mizzy – Your base running is awesome. You’ve got balls. (figuratively)
Miya – You turned into one of most clutch defensive players we had this season. What an amazing first season. You were robbed in the HR derby.
*Wouldn’t trade you guys for anything. Not even Relax…. (Maybe their catcher)*
All in all, great season! Here’s to great games with Red Rockets, Balls Deep, Sweat N Balls, and of course KIR (Twice). And congrats to Relax for beating almost every team in the league (not us though, of course).
Summer is coming… Ready to beat the hell out of any team which features current or former members of Kids in Rehab or Waka Shame!

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