WAKA - World Adult Kickball Association

WAKA - World Adult Kickball Association

WAKA® is the World Adult Kickball Association® – the preeminent adult kickball organization and the world authority and governing body of kickball. We’re celebrating 10 Years of WAKA Kickball and it’s never been a better time to join, play, and party and enjoy the full WAKA social-athletic experience. We’ll see you on the fields!

Nearly a decade ago WAKA’s founders created the novel concept of an adult social kickball league and through WAKA have been providing this unique experience ever since. This social kickball system was started with the social-player in mind and is protected by various intellectual property laws. Tens of thousands of players continue to enjoy WAKA’s distinctive experience. WAKA continually works to maintain and enhance this experience, through rules updates and enhancements in the kickball and social aspects to support the all-important social interaction among players both on and off the field.

WAKA continues to invest in its ideas, employees and players to guarantee that the league runs as smoothly as possible. We are committed to providing players with the best possible service and experience – for every game, every event, every time.

WAKA works with dozens of outside organizations and plans numerous events to help even more people enjoy the unique WAKA Kickball experience.


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